Imagine Home Schooling with Limted Access to Devices and Internet

Variety Kids Need You More Than Ever

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Imagine Home Schooling with Limited Access to Devices or Internet

We surveyed our Variety families to learn how the crisis is affecting them.

Here’s just one mother’s desperate story:

“The damage that could be done now to my son’s education and care as a severe non-verbal autistic child may be the difference between him ever talking or being independent. This is more serious than losing a job or house even - we could lose him down a rabbit hole forever without the daily care and intervention required. After years and years of work and sacrifice it could all have been for nothing.“

With these families already in crisis, we urgently need your support.

Variety responds to gaps and needs. Right now we need your help to provide iPads, laptops and educational equipment to meet these urgent essentials. We are also delivering educational toys and games to make lock down bearable, keep children engaged and to simply bring a little joy into their world.

From national bushfire crisis to a global pandemic emergency, we need your help right now. With limited government funding, the Variety family needs you to act fast and donate to provide urgent help to Victoria's most at risk children.

During times like these, the support Variety provide becomes even more critical - we are already seeing our requests skyrocket by 113%, which will only continue in the coming months.

I know many of you are also struggling right now, but I’m asking you to dig deep because our most vulnerable children urgently need our help now.

Every dollar helps. Thank you so much.