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Dressing up with your dog is a super fun way to bond and smile together, however it’s also super imPAWtant to ensure your best friends’ comfort and safety. Here’s how you can keep your good boy or girl safe and stress-free. P.S. A SCHMACKOS™ treat is always a winner for that PAWfect pose!

PAWpare Your Pet

As PAWrents we know our dogs have unique PAWsonalities – while some will happily dress-up others may need some acclimation. Never force your dog to wear anything – make them comfortable with the experience first by letting them sniff the material and by laying the clothing across their back. Build up your dog’s confidence by rewarding them with a treat when they are interacting with clothing.

Safety First

Don’t forget, your dog is already wearing a fabulous fur coat! Make sure your dog isn’t overheated by too many layers and can freely move around in their outfit. Observe their body language – flat ears, a lowered head or a tense body says – I don’t like this. Keep it brief and get that PAWfect snap! A few minutes is all you need. Never leave your dog alone in a costume.

Reilly and Jason

Meet Reilly and Jason. Thanks to supPAWters just like you, Reilly was provided with an assistance dog. Reilly has autism and Jason the Labrador is his best friend. Jason not only provides the unconditional love only a dog can, he keeps Reilly calm when he is anxious, and keeps him safe and sound while he is out and about with family.

“Having an assistancedog has meant independence, it’s meant involvement and engagement in the community, it’s meant doing the normal everyday things that other families take for granted,” says Reilly’s mum, “Without a doubt it’s changed our lives.”

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