Meet our amazing PAWtrons and judges - FURbulous doggie fashionistas! PLUS our wonderful sponsors

Meet our SuPAWstar Judges

Sedona the Aussie

RUFF RUFF, my name is Sedona and I'm a 7 month old Aussie who loves adventures with my Jack Russell brother Finley! I love showing off my fancy trick and giving cuddles! Did I mention I love peanut butter? Because yum! Can’t wait to see all of your PAWsome outfits! @aussie.sedona

Muppet and Bear

French Bulldogs Muppet and Bear have joined Petember! Muppet rose to internet fame with his gorgeous smile and own had his very best friend Bear. Together they make the perfect team and are fast approaching an amazing milestone of 100,000 followers. @muppetandbear

Louise Child

Meet our "hooman" judge, Miss World contestant and animal lover Louise Child. "As part of Miss World Australia pagaent, I am committed to help all the beautiful Variety kids through our 'Beauty with a purpose" work. I'm sooo excited to announce I am taking "pawt" in Petember as a very s-paw-cial judge! I cant wait to see all the adorable costume ideas. Goodluck to everyone with their entries!" @queenie_model

SupPAWstar Ambassadors

Fern the Huffle Pup

Hi, I’m Fern. I’m a labradoodle puppy from Sydney and I love to give high fives, play fetch and steal my human’s socks! I also love to model cute outfits for my Instagram and I’m super excited to be participating in Petember. @fernthehufflepup

Basil the French

Heya I’m Basil the French. Throw your paws in the air if all you cool dawgs are going to join me this PETember for an awesome doggie dress up comp, and have fun while raising funds and awareness for assistance dogs. @Basil_the_French

Cleo the Frenchie

Hello, I’m Cleo. I love to dress up (well mummy loves to dress me up!!). I’m so excited to be an official SupPAWter of Petember, come and join the fun!! @ms_cleo_the_frenchie

Rocky the GC Pug

I'm Rocky, and in our house it's all about kids and dogs! My pawrents both work with children and have always had furry companions. @rocky_the_gc_pug

Snoopy Girl

Hey Everyone. My name is Snoopy Girl, I’m cute, black and fluffy and just a little bit sassy. I love treats, big bows and of course, dressing up. I just can’t wait to show off my outfits this Petember. @snoopy_furever_

Indi and Maggie

Hello pawesome friends, it's Indi & Maggie two Shih Tzu fashionistas from Melbourne. We love people and will say hello to everyone with the cutest smiles. We would love you to join us for PETember @skippinggirl_shihtzus

Bernie the Barketing Assistant

Bernie is Variety - the Children's Charity's office dog and all-round good boy. Bernie and his mama Georgie are so excited about Petember and can't wait to meet you all and see all of your amazing outfits, all while helping raise funds and awarenes for assistance dogs for kids. Good dogs doing good. @varietypetember

Jax and Lulu

My sister Lulu & I have a bigger wardrobe than our pawrents so getting pats from different children is something that makes us so happy. Our mummy has worked with children with special needs & has always believed in raising awareness and much needed funds for children so we just had to be a part of Petember! @jaxandlulufrenchies


Ivy is a super special girl who brings joy to big and little kids alike AND all her frens across her hometown of Melbourne. Ivy is extra special because she is also deaf but thanks to her amazing mama she hasn't let that stop her doing everything in the world! Thanks Ivy - welcome to the Petember pack @ivy.prada.pearly


Hey hi hello!! I am Willow a 15 month old Australian Shepherd and I am so excited to be an official SupPAWter of Petember! I cannot wait to dress up, put on my best smile, play along each week and have an enormous amount fun with all of the other Pupperoo’s taking part! Let the fun begin!!  @_walkingwillow_ 


Variety – the Children’s Charity are proud to be supported by FuzzYard. FuzzYard aren't like any other pet product company. Since 2003, they've been designing & droppin' some of the coolest & freshest products in the market for your furry best friend. Proudly Australian, FuzzYard are sold, loved & worn all across the world! We can’t wait to see you rock your prizes! There's $5,000 worth waiting for you!

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Swanky Paws

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Broadway, Swanky Paw’s products are designed to elevate your dog's fashion. Their outfits and accessories demand attention with the use of Swarovski Crystals and other quality materials. All their products are hand made in Australia to ensure maximum comfort and durability. No dog is left behind with accessories made to fit all doggies from the smallest Yorkie to the largest Great Dane.

Visit Swanky Paws today at or check out their amazing fashions on Instagram @swanky_paws

BOIS the Label

BOIS the label are a 100% vegan and ethical brand. BOIS are dedicated to creating high quality, cozy hoodies for your pups. Each and every BOIS sweatshirt is handmade to order in their Melbourne studio, using ethically sourced fabrics from Melbourne and the UK. Instagram @boisthelabel

Variety are thrilled to be BOIS the Label charity of choice for Petember, with $2 from every sale being donated to assistance dogs for kids in need and a PAWsome prize just for you!

Dogs Victoria

Dogs Victoria is the leading authority, representative body and community for all dogs, owners and breeders. Established in 1930, Dogs Victoria now represents one of Australia’s largest community of dog owners, enthusiasts and breeders. We seek to educate the community about responsible dog ownership while also raising awareness of issues faced by dog owners and their dogs. Dogs Victoria provides a range of benefits to members including formal registration of dogs and litters, advocacy on dog related issues and the regulation of 100’s of locally run dog events and shows.

Our PAWsome PAWtners are joining PAWticpants like you to make a difference

Meet Ted and Luca told through the amazing experience of Ted’s mum

I often am approached by other people wondering how Luca has changed our lives and if he was worth the investment. Sometimes it’s from family members, other times acquaintances and every now and then my inbox will ping with an email from a desperate parent. And for a long time I would sit there overwhelmed trying to find the right words to explain something so very complicated, subtle and intense. Now nearly three years on, I have two words: Game Changer.

My son Ted is not the kid most people expect. By the age of seven he had more letters in his complicated diagnoses than most of the doctors who diagnosed him have under their names. The worst part. He has a high IQ. Why is that the worst part? Translated to simple terms, it means no government help, so no early intervention.

We went from having the child that everyone was amazed by, reading and writing by three (self-taught) to the child no one wanted their kid to sit next to in the classroom. And Ted knew it. His brilliant little mind stopped learning, sleeping, playing and wanting to be anywhere near people. His anxiety became so bad he stopped eating, his brain convincing him that everything sitting on the plate in front of him, even foods he once loved, were poison. The smallest altercation could cause a meltdown that lasted hours. We were all in a dark space. A sleepless dark space.

From the first “sleep over” I knew Luca was for us. Ted slept 10 hours. By the second week he’d eaten at least ten new foods. By the second month Ted was leaving the house confidently to take Luca for a walk. And from there sleep, food and leaving the house became a problem no more. Luca and Ted would wrestle and slobber all over each other for hours every day.

I would love to say school improved immediately, but it didn’t. Luca began to hate school as much as Ted. Howling at school drop offs. After a particularly bad day at school Luca shredded up Ted’s school bag and everything in it! However, instead of coming home and melting down every day, Ted would crawl with Luca on the dog bed with his iPad and snuggle. Luca was allowed to physically comfort Ted where we, his parents, never were.

I secretly kept hoping Luca would help Ted through school. We got Luca when Ted was in grade 2 and by grade 4 it seemed nothing was changing. As it turned out it was Dan and I who needed to change. Luca would walk off on Ted when it was time to do homework. Ted would scream and howl and Luca would never approach. Instead this Golden Retriever would throw a tantrum in the other room. (Golden Retriever tantrums are a thing, youtube them!). It made homework time an anxious time for everyone in the house. The bigger the meltdown, the bigger the Retriever tantrum. It was chaos.

It took us along time to realise Luca was telling us to do the drop and dash. This is where we would both leave the room after giving Ted his homework and go sit with Luca. The first time we followed Luca, he nuzzled between Dan and I and sighed a heavy “Finally!” at us. Suddenly a two hour painful process of screaming and crying became a ten minute painless turn around. And did I mention it was his best work ever?

We had finally realised what Luca was trying to tell us for 24 months! (I often joke that Luca came to train us, not Ted). I went back to school and told his teachers what had happened. But I could tell they were sceptical. We then decided that rather than argue with Ted about any work that he wasn’t doing during school, it would simply come home and we would drop and dash- with loss of all screen time until set tasks were completed, every child’s worst nightmare. Again, a days’ worth of work would be done in half an hour.

Ted’s teacher and I sat down at the end of last year to have a much needed debrief. Except it turned out I was in for the shock of my life. Ted’s academic growth in a five month period, since implementing drop and dash, was double that of his peers. Whilst still behind in quite a few areas, he was well on his way to catching up. He had not only begun to complete his work but had begun to do the extension tasks set out for him. Luca had finally managed to accomplish what I had always secretly hoped he would.

Every parent I speak to has a story like this, it’s never the same. And we always feel stupid for not understanding the simple messages these brilliant dogs are trying to tell us. Luca has taught us more about Ted than any of his teachers, doctors or therapists. It’s taken us a long time to realise that Luca always moves with a purpose with a secret message for us to follow. He has become the third parent, or simply put our Game Changer.

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