Bash Stories


On the Road with our Bash entrants

Ever wondered what it’s like on the Variety Bash?

It’s a journey of a lifetime!

Our Bashers share their stories won how they got involved, how they fundraise,
the friendships they’ve made and what it’s like on the road!

Car 000 – Geoff Handberg

We’re the Doctors because when we started doing the Bash, we had an old ambulance and we also work as corporate doctors. This year, one of our team members comes from Thailand, I live half overseas and half in Australia and our third member spends a lot of his time overseas also. Until this year we had a 1969 Chrysler ambulance, one of only 3 in Australia, unfortunately that’s died. Now we have a 1989 Mercedes 300 SEL as it’s safer, it works and it’s a bit more comfortable! Our favourite Bash town that comes to mind is Larrimah – it was interesting because it’s the home of a giant stubby, but it has a population of 12, used to be 13 but one was murdered possibly over a battle of homemade pies, the suspects are all the other town members. The most memorable Variety Bash for us was to Noosa in 2014 – it was our first Bash and it was just so much fun and we loved it. I’d love to end the Bash in Broome one day, as I haven’t been before.

Car 1 – Sam Martin

We’re the Dukes of Hazzard because we drive car number 1… and who doesn’t want to drive a charger across Australia?! This is our second year driving our Valliant Charger. It’s our beautiful baby which we chose because our car number is 1 and have always wanted to be the Dukes. It’s so hard to decide what our favourite town has been along the way - the small towns are all great ones. But if we were to choose it would have to be Birchip, they have THE best vanilla slices in Australia!! Our favourite Bash was probably our first back in 2016 – there is nothing like your first Variety Bash, where you’re introduced to the Bash and Bash crew and you start to become a part of the Bash family! We don’t have a dream Bash destination, it doesn’t matter! It’s not about the where you go, it’s about the journey!

Car 15 – Peter Benjamin

Our theme is Toy Story, because we believe it appeals to the kids and has lots of fun characters that we can use. We are from Western Australia! We travel over every year to do the Vic Bash because it goes to interesting places all over the country. We have a 1974 Mercedes Benz 280SE that is starting its 6th Variety Bash. I built the car from a couple of old bombs that I bought for less than $1,000. It is built solidly and is a very reliable car. Our favourite place that we’ve visited on the Bash has been Margaret River, it was my first Bash and home. I also really enjoyed Townsville last year. I’m not sure about a dream destination but I’d like to do Tasmania again and more of the NSW coast. My first Bash would have to be the most memorable for me and the year my wife joined me on the Bash was great, but they are all good and all have different memories.

Car 17 – Ken Pryor

Sesame Street is our theme and it has been for eight years now. We were looking for something that would be easily identifiable with children along the Bash and we have developed this over the years. Plus, we are all just big kids. Our car is a 1994 Toyota Coaster and 2019 will be its first trip. We had a bus 6 years back but a Limo took its place but we always wanted another bus so the wheels could go round and round! As far as towns go, we always enjoy visiting Daly Waters, it’s always a good time.Our most memorable for all the wrong reasons was the trip to Broome in 2014. First trip for our Sesame Street Bus and it did not make it past Kununurra. We did the Gibb River Road in a hired 4WD, but we in the end we still made it to Broome!

Car 18 – Ben Hall

Our car is Lightning McQueen, from the movie Cars. It’s a 1981 VC Commodore. I bought it back in 2011 and took five years to build it to take part in the Bash in 2016. It’s one of my favourite model Commodores. I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favourite Bash town. All these places we’ve been, I probably wouldn’t have visited if it weren’t for the Bash. One day I would like to go to Exmouth, Broome, Hamilton Island or the Gold Coast. My most memorable Bash was in 2016 which was my first year. I’ll never forget the first time!

Car 72 – Tereasa Humphrey

We purchased this car already themed as a Shark, so we are keeping this theme. Oh, and because the team are too slack to change it! It’s on our bucket lists to do the Bash. We’re driving a 1972 Holden HQ Statesman. This is our first year of owning it and it was purchased because it was Bash ready. Oh, and we love Holdens! We’re rookies this year, but would love to do a Bash to Tassie one day!

Car 25 – Gayle McAllister

We are the PJ party and have been for 12 years but this year we are doing the Shrek theme. We are an all girl team, which are a bit rare on the Bash. We drive a red HT Holden and have had it 12 years. It is robust and easy to get parts for and we LOVE her. I love all the towns we have visited but had a ball in Charleville, Emerald and Yeppoon.Car 29 – Merv Roxburgh

Our car is the Merc Muncher. This year is our 21st Bash on the trot for the same 3 blokes. We drive a 1977 Merc, this is it’s 11th Bash and is a great vehicle. We used to drive a 1964 Merc which ended up doing 10 Bash events. We like all the towns we’ve visited and look forward to seeing more of Australia. The last 20 Bashes have all been memorable!

Cars 73 & 74 – Mark & Brett Coad

Our theme is California Highway Patrol. That was pretty easy to come up with - when we got our first car, Car was black. We thought a simple job of painting the doors white and adding a decal was pretty straight forward. Both of our cars are Mercedes Benz 450 SE's from the 1970's. We picked up Car 73 in 2017 and built Car 74 in 2018. We love them - comfortable, reliable and a thumping V8 under the hood! I love the many, many small towns we drive through. I'd love to do the Gibb River Road across the Kimberley to Broome.  Most memorable has to be our first to Fraser Island in 2017. It was our first experience getting to know the Variety Bash family and our first experience on the road doing the Variety Bash. We made lasting friendships and incredible memories. It was also the year my daughter Amelia joined us. We came back so excited, so hooked and wished the next 12 months of our lives away preparing for the 2018 trip to Townsville.

Car 140 – Brad Nash

Our theme is The Beach Boys/Good Vibrations because there was blue on the bus. What makes us unique is that we are all really good looking. We drive a Toyota Coaster bus because our last Bash Car, The Slug, died. We have had this bus for 5 years now. Our favourite town was Broome and we’d love to go to Cape York on the Bash one day. Our most memorable year was 2013, because of The Slug!

Car 141 – David Hobbs

Our theme is Elvis. It’s a great theme! Everyone loves Elvis, he makes people happy. Elvis loves doing the Bash. Our Bash Car is 1974 ZG Fairlane. I have owned it for 14 years and it is about to participate in its 13th Bash. Our favourite place to visit was the Daly Waters Pub and our ideal destination would be Memphis. The most memorable Bash would have to be 2013 to Broome, such beautiful outback.

Car 3122 – Paul Flouch

We are the Mid-life Lifters. Mainly due to the fact that most mornings at 5am we train in the gym. Our friendships were formed at the gym. As middle-aged men overindulgence started getting the better of us. Over time the three of us have lost some big numbers in weight, with a team total loss of around 100KG. This is our first year on the Bash, so after speaking to a few Bash Entrants we made the choice to purchase a 1986 W126 420SEL Mercedes. It’s been enjoyable and frustrating at times getting the car Bash ready but, in the end, we are really happy with the final outcome. We are rookies but a Variety Bash to the Northern Territory sounds interesting!

Car 3844 – Helen Hopper

Our theme is Bash Royalty. Something to do with the squillions of years we have been involved with the Bash. We’re an all girl car and collectively we have done the Variety Bash many times. I have done 25, this year will be 26, Jill has done 22, this year will be 23, Heather has done 11, this year will be 12 and Glenda has done 19, this year will be 20. Our car is a 1965 Ford Galaxie Sedan with a 390 motor, chosen because it was the only one we could find in Gippsland at the time which met the Bash required year level. It has done the Variety Bash 26 times, has had 2 motors, 2 gear boxes and a myriad of other work! But hey, it’s still on the road! What a gem! Our favourite town has been Kalgoorlie - love it to bits. Dream destination would be Tasmania again. Last year was my most memorable Bash, my 25th Bash and I was the first female to make it to 25. Now I will have to kill Jill Lewis if I am to maintain that record... lucky she comes in my car or that could be an issue!


Car 6062 – Terry Ford

The theme of our car is anything green, as the car is green. So, we could be wearing anything from Kermit to the Incredible Hulk, just not sure what as yet! We’re just two mates looking to have a great adventure with a lot of likeminded people and helping a fantastic cause along the way. We are taking Charlie’s car, which is a 1962 EJ Holden Sedan. I’m thinking Charlie has had this car for seven years, he bought it because it was green, cheap and available. This is my first Bash, so no favourite towns yet. Charlie was involved several years ago when the Bash went from Echuca to Broome. I have never been across the Nullarbor Plain so I am looking forward to that drive and especially visiting Kalgoorlie and Geraldton.

Cars 3005 & 3006 – Harvey Carretero

We are all involved in the creation of new communities, in one way or another we all work together to achieve the same result to produce someone’s dream home, so The Land Monkeys sounded good at the time! We all work at or own different companies but come together to essentially deliver the same thing. We all get along well. Some of us work closely together other occasionally. I’m a Holden man so the team had no choice, it was left to myself and Daniel to select a car. He wanted a Ford, I made sure there was no fords, the HJ was a good base for us and we ran short of time last year so the first opportunity we grabbed it and since have purchased the HQ sedan to complement our growing team. We’ve got a few favourite Bash towns, Cameron Corner was great to see as well as Milparinka. Would be great to take the Bash to Fraser Island as I have never been there or Northern Territory, Gibb river road etc. for the same reason. Last year as it was our first Variety Bash! Now I understand the moto “you gotta do it”!