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Update 2 June
Wow! Your kindness is overwhelming - together we have raised enough 50 bikes for kids living with disadvantage! Thank you from the bottom f our hearts. We are well on our way to our target to raise enough to donate 200 bikes by 30 June!

Now more than ever, families are under increased strain to cover essential items. This means more Australian kids will miss out on the freedom, joy, independence and inclusion of owning a bike.

We thought about not running the Variety Bikes for Kids appeal this year, because we know people are struggling. But we also know, from surveying and speaking to our Variety families, that they are doing it tougher than ever, and that an act of kindness and joy will mean more than it ever has before.

After almost 40 years of personal involvement, I know the Variety community and I know how much you care. Your incredible support of the charity that you and I both love has brought joy to thousands of kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

That’s why I’m asking you to please consider giving your most generous gift this year. We're aiming to raise $43,600 to provide 200 bike packages for kids living with disadvantage. You can make this happen!

Despite changing times, the Variety Bikes for Kids mission remains consistent: to give the gift of independence and joy to children who have never been fortunate enough to have a bike of their own. Since I started this campaign 18 years ago, together we have raised over $2.5 million and granted 11,000 bikes to kids living with disadvantage.It’s such a special campaign, and I’m so proud you and I are a part of it.

With your help today we can make sure ALL kids get to experience the joy, freedom and independence of their very first bike. There’s nothing like seeing a child’s face light up, just like mine did all those years ago - as you may remember from when YOU were that small boy or girl, just like I do.

Thank you for being a powerful force of kindness behind this work. It is more impactful than ever.


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Watch kids receive their bikes at last years presentation

Meet our incredible donors. Every dollar helps. Thank you so much.

  • Libby just donated $52.00
  • Michael just donated $451.00
  • Andrew just donated $226.72
  • Sam just donated $30.00
  • Jayne just donated $226.72
  • Peter just donated $26.00
  • Peter just registered for Variety Bikes for Kids
  • Nicholaos just donated $37.44
  • Kim just donated $208.00
  • John just donated $226.72
  • Rosalind just donated $52.00
  • Kelly Masters just donated $20.00
  • Sue just donated $37.44
  • Anthony just donated $515.00
  • aris just donated $20.80
  • JOHN just donated $1105.00
  • Sarah just donated $887.00
  • Silvana Ribeiro just donated $37.44
  • Les just donated $37.44
  • Mal just donated $226.72

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


Anne Hall

I used to ride a bike 85 years ago. I'm very pleased to help some kids learn to enjoy this as much as I did. Now, I push a walker! Its not the same.


Andrew Stuart

Enjoy !!


Jayne Johnson

Sent with love xxx



Great cause well done best regards Nicholaos Lykopoulos


Living Design Double Glazing Pty Ltd






donor no 00536460G1640


K Masters

This is a wonderful cause.


Sue O’neill


Anthony & Khurram From Resi Ventures




John Gearon


Sarah Vaughan

Pedal hard and pedal fast! Enjoy x


Silvana Ribeiro

Blessed be 😊🙏🏻


Les Spaltman


Mal Wood



Carolynn Mcmanus

Enjoy, be careful and be safe, Carolynn


Laurie Lash Lash


Peter Mcbain

Enjoy the bike!


Glenn Porter

Great Cause.




Kaylene Napoleone


Manuel Galea

Hope you have endless enjoyment from riding around with your family and friends




Belinda Wade


Bill Armstrong

Enjoy your new bike and the wonderful freedom that comes with it xx




Francesco Surace

Hope my small contribution will help achieve your target


Ken Beck


John Broughton

We are so happy to donate enough for four bikes


Sean Sacks


Sue Paul


Ian Bowman Bowman


Nlc Payroll Social Club



Good luck with this fantastic cause!


Mandy Burns

Thank you Variety and Thank you Derryn- you make me proud to be a part of the Variety community bringing joy to children.



All the best to Derryn and the team! I hope you enjoy the freedom of a new bike kids!



Thank you for your kindness!


Georgie Smith

Love this project Derryn, thanks for supporting kids in need