Car 747

Variety Bash 2022

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The Caddy is ready for takeoff!

Chris, Travis and Rene are setting off for the 2022 Variety Vic Bash to make a difference for kids in need! 

We'll be travelling from Melbourne the Cairns (the long way!) and along our journey, we'll be presenting grants and much needed equipment to kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs.

We can't wait to meet the kids who will benefit from your generosity very soon. Donations from legends like you support the work for Variety - the Children's Charity year round, to assist kids who might otherwise go without the vital help they need. 

Help us help kids by donating today!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Finer Power Transmissions Pty Ltd

Best of Luck Rene and a great cause - from Mark and all the staff at Finer Power.


Full Measure Digital

Can't wait to see the flex in the chassis as the 747 takes off 🛫😃


Mick Bentley

May your driving only be rivalled by the lightning bolts from the heavens!



Put your seats to the upright positions and strap yourselves in


Mark Forster




Good luck team. What I great cause. Wishing you a Magic trip.




Marnie & Pa



Lornie Hamilton

Up up & away 😃🙌🏻🚀 Well done boys!!


Pete Cane


Simon Slota-kan

So I get my name n the car ???


Matthew Mason


David Head

Team Caddy you are cleared for takeoff!


Henry Ruiz

Remember boys - there are no points for second place 😁 Have an awesome time for awesome cause!


Al Jack

Trav, Chris and Ren good luck and well done on the huge effort. Have fun.


Sarah Mander


Michael Huynh

Good stuff from you great man!



Love your work!


Alison Campbell

Happy flying, Team 747!!!


Jarrod Scott

Go well gents. Can't wait for the Air Bash pilot's debrief Chris.


Sarah Landry

Good on you Rene!


Robyn Landry

Good luck fabulous charity proud of you all x



Go Ren! Good luck with take-off


John Besley


V Slota

Merry driving


Travis Hamilton


Bec Milnes

Go team caddy!!! What a fantastic effort! Enjoy the bash


Nevvy Metal


Joanna And Tony Jackson

Terrific cause, drive safely and have an amazing experience.


Marie And Geoff Mander

A terrific charity, have lots of fun Chris, Travis and Rene


Simon Chambers

Well done team 👏 🚗


Sim P


Kelsi Wooding



Go Mander and crew!! Love your work


Jonathan Swift

Safe travels and happy flying!


Chris Mander


Gina Mccartney

Go team Bash Air!


Bec Griffiths

Enjoy everything but especially the camping!


Neeraj Kanodia


Jessica Jeffries

You better download some podcasts and practice changing a tyre


Simon Hope

God Speed!


Justine Ife

Good luck!