UnBox Joy for a Vulnerable Child This Christmas

Each year, thousands of children miss out on the simple joy of a brand new toy at Christmas time. With the impact of COVID, Variety kids and families are doing it tougher than ever - especially kids who are immune-compromised or live with complex medical conditions meaning they remain isolated and vulnerable. 

Many of us are in the lucky position of being able to embrace the excitement of moving out of lock down and getting together with friends and family this Christmas. We are able to look forward to spending precious time with our loved ones after so long apart.

But for kids, like Sophie, who are immune compromised or live with complex medical conditions, togetherness can be fatal.

For Sophie, who lives with a rare genetic disorder and chronic lung infection, COVID is the greatest threat she will face in her young life. The risk of gathering outside of her small family group at Christmas time is simply too high.

Your gift can bring lightness and joy to Sophie and kids like her by letting her know she is not alone.

We urgently need your support so we can make sure these gifts of joy are delivered before Christmas thanks to your generosity.

Please give $42 or more today to provide a gift, or make a generous donation towards a gift, to bring joy to a child at Christmas time.

For Variety, impact and connection is important and we want this gift to be as special as possible. That’s why you’ll also be able to add a message of joy and hope that will be directly passed on to a child in need.

While Sophie and her family continue to lock down and are sadly missing out on visits from family and friends this Christmas, your surprise gift will provide them - and families just like them - with a special moment of happiness that we can take for granted.

UnBox Joy for a Vulnerable Child this Christmas.


Help us deliver a COVID safe gift to a child in need.

We know all kids have different interests and needs so this year we have hand selected a number of gifts you can choose to bring joy to a child - from art, to science to building toys, there's something to suit every child.

Together, with one small gift, we can ease this strain and help make Christmas a time of joy, not sadness for these families.

As you know, for the past 30 years Variety has been holding a Christmas Party each December for 5,000 children living with disadvantage, illness and disability. With the impact of the pandemic, the day out and the gift each child would normally receive in person from generous donors like yourself is not possible. That’s why, even though we cannot be together, we are reaching out to the Variety community to do something extra special this year to make sure kids (and their families) know kindness exists and thoughtful people like you have them in your hearts.

Will you share this kindness and compassion with a child by a giving $42 today for some Christmas joy?

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Christmas is just around the corner!

Please give urgently today to make a difference to a child in need who would otherwise miss out.

Watch the Variety team prepare last years gifts, kindly delivered thanks to your support

Thank You

Thank you for supporting the Variety Christmas appeal. With no government funding, Variety - the Children's Charity relies on the generosity of people like you. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.