Variety Vic Bash


It all began in 1985... 

the image is black and white. A woman is standing on the left, and a man (Dick Smith) on the right. They are standing in front of a vintage car.

The Variety Bash started in 1985, when entrepreneur and adventurer Dick Smith took a group of intrepid motorists from Bourke, New South Wales to Bourketown, Queensland in old cars, raising $250,000 for charity along the way.

Dick had friends from all walks of life – from multi-millionaires to battlers – and the event was his idea of a great equalizer. Touted as “a drive in the outback with a few mates”, Dick made sure everyone was on a level playing field – all cars had to be over 30 years old and non-performance modified, a sentiment the Variety Bash retains today.

The Bash is not a race or a rally. The single most significant rule of the Bash is to relax, enjoy the Australian Outback and help raise funds for kids in need!

Take a look at what went down on the very first Variety Bash... 

Following the success in NSW, it wasn't long before the Bash expanded and each state created their own event.

In 1991, the Variety Vic Bash was born.

Thanks to a crew of passionate people, 1991 was the year Variety Victoria had their first ever Bash. Going from 'Heart to Heart' the event travelled 3,550 kms from Melbourne to Uluru, with 27 cars in tow, raising $20,000. Three original event entrants are still part of the Variety Vic Bash today! 

A group of people are gathered on a bridge with three vintage cars parked in a line
two vintage cars, the one in front appears to be towing the one behind. Each car is covered in stickers.
A child in a wheelchair is talking to a man crouched to her level. In the background, a stage on the back of a truck can be seen with a person in a pirate costume addressing a crowd.

Since the Variety Vic Bash began, we've travelled more than 118,000 kms and raised over $28 million for kids in need! 

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Variety Vic Bash