Variety Bash Victoria

The Variety Bash is a must-do!

But don't take our word for it...take theirs! Here's what our entrants have to say about the event.

Meet a few of our Variety Bash crews

It's no secret that this iconic event wouldn't be what it is without our amazing entrants!

Car 11 | Apollo 11

Until you experience a Variety Bash, it's hard to imagine what lies ahead. What we experienced was a very well organised event with amazing support crews. The Bash veterans were also great in checking in on us and making us feel very welcome.

Our jointly owned 1988 Mercedes 300SEL was magnificent and didn't miss a beat...they don’t make cars like these anymore! First version of ABS in passenger vehicles, and central locking, electric windows and sunroof - better than my car at home! 

In 2019 we had a change of theme to honour the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We embraced the Apollo 11 theme and built a homemade rocket (Saturn V) to 1:39 scale (yes really!) and inconspicuously placed this above the roof rack. Our space suits were constructed from king size doonas with some sewn-on NASA patches, and some sprinkler heads from Bunnings for life-support connections. We pretty much remained in the suits and theme for the entire 10 day duration. Polyester doonas wash/dry quickly, which is lucky since white suits in red dust is an OMO sponsorship waiting to happen (maybe next year!).

In our next event, we are joined by Macca and Horns in their first Bash, and now have a team of 5 guys who were schoolmates back in the early 1980s. It's this sort of friendship longevity that gets put to the test during those long Bash days, where we find some of us were born to be navigators and others... perhaps not. We'll test that logic again this year. NASA has most things covered but - just to ensure a safe return flight - we are supported by Mission Control (Car 4321) for technical resolutions and seating overflow.

Thanks team!

Car 95 | The Outback Polo Club

Our team name is The Outback Polo Club. The thought of aristocratic English polo players prancing around the hot Aussie outback on toy horses was kind of hilarious, and we knew we could have fun with it! Plus, Freelo is English so it was a walk up start! For Freelo and I, 2019 was our second Bash after our first in 2018. We didn’t know each other before the first day of the Bash, so it was a good way to get to know someone - stuck in a car for eight days.

Our car is a 1981 Mercedes 380SEL V8. It’s a comfy old green limousine with aircon, sunroof, cruise control and fluffy lambswool seats. The guy who sold it to me literally cried when I said it would be a Variety Bash car, after being his pride and joy weekender for fifteen years!

My favourite remote place was Cameron Corner, but Broken Hill and the costume nights are really hilarious. Four blokes in sequins - what could go wrong? I also loved Silverton, Tibooburra and Cunnamulla - places I would never visit in my life had it not been for the Variety Bash.

Our first Bash in 2018 was memorable because I lost my licence, I met a whole bunch of fantastic people, made new friends, had gutter parties, got to dress as a drag queen in a blokey Broken Hill pub (my wife says I don’t make a good looking woman), laughed often, bought my own Bash car and now I tell everyone I know they should be doing the Bash with me next year! I am a convert and importantly - all fun aside - all our fundraising efforts are helping sick and disadvantaged kids. What’s not to love about that?!

Car 3844 | Bash Royalty

Our theme is Bash Royalty - something to do with the squillions of years we have been involved with the Bash! We’re an all girl car and collectively we have done the Variety Bash many times. I (Helen) have done 26, Jill has done 23, Heather has done 12, and Glenda has done 20.

Our car is a 1965 Ford Galaxie Sedan with a 390 motor, chosen because it was the only one we could find in Gippsland at the time which met the Bash required year level. It has done the Variety Bash 26 times, has had 2 motors, 2 gear boxes and a myriad of other work done! But hey, it’s still on the road - what a gem!

Our favourite town has been Kalgoorlie - love it to bits. Dream destination would be Tasmania again. 2018 was my most memorable Bash, it was my 25th Bash and I was the first female to make it to 25 years. 

Car 1968 | Ghostbusters

We are the Ghostbusters because our car, a beautiful old Tank Fairlane, looks a bit like the ghostbusters car from the first movie - and there are four of us! We’re three brothers and a mate just out to do some good and give back to the community through Variety and have some fun while doing it.

We have a 1961 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon which Nick named ‘Tank’ - I think it would be the oldest car on the Bash. We have had it for four years after purchasing from someone who had done 14 Bash events in it, so it is well known in the Bash community. We purchased this car because it has heaps of character, looks great and looked to be a very solid and reliable performer.

Tibooburra in 2018 was fantastic, the town welcomed us, and it was great dining in the main street with the fires going and entertainment and it was a great campsite at the showgrounds. Darwin would be our dream Bash destination! 2018 was my second Bash and the best. I enjoyed driving through the remote areas. It was a different crew, with two guys and two gals and the whole Bash family got involved the theme nights, particularly in Broken Hill.

Car 17 | Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been our theme for ten years now. We were looking for something that would be easily identifiable with children along the Bash and we have developed this over the years. Plus, we are all just big kids.

Our car is a 1994 Toyota Coaster and 2019 was its first trip. We had a bus 6 years back and a tree got in the way and it did not come back from Broome. The Sesame Street Limo took its place but we always wanted another bus so the wheels could go
"round and round".

As far as towns go, we always enjoy visiting Daly Waters, there’s not a lot there but it’s always a good time. We also really enjoyed Port Douglas and would happily do that again. Our most memorable for all the wrong reasons was the trip to Broome in 2014. First trip for our Sesame Street Bus and it did not make it past Kununurra. We did the Gibb River Road in a hired 4WD, but in the end we still made it to Broome!

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