Variety 4WD Adventure


Everything you need to kinow about the Variety 4WD Adventure.

Do I Need to Know Anything About Cars?

Not at all! We provide a full vehicle checklist, advice, a pre-event workshop to check your car is Adventure-ready AND we have mobile workshop crews to help you out on the road.

If your 4WD breaks down, the workshop crew will help you repair it on the side of the road. We aim to keep you moving and get you to the finish in one piece.

What Kind of Car Can I Take?

Your Variety 4WD must comply with the information in the Variety 4WD Adventure Vehicle Checklist. Registration covering the period of the Variety 4WD Adventure event is compulsory. You can download the checklist here. 

How Many Crew Members Can I Have?

The minimum number to make up a 4WD crew is two – a driver and a navigator - and the maximum is the legal capacity of the vehicle. Bear in mind the size of your 4WD and the amount of luggage you have on board though, when picking the size of your crew!

Where Do I Stay and What Do I Eat?

We always let you know the best places to stay in town as soon as the overnight stops on our itinerary are announced. Accomodation in each location can vary from hotel/motel, bed & breakfast, cabins, caravans, hostels and sometimes we even camp out under the stars!

As far as food goes, our trusty 4WD Event Manager arranges for local organisations to cater for our intrepid crew. This ranges from restaurants and pubs, to local community groups like the Lions Club.

How Do I Fundraise?

In case you haven’t realised by now, the Variety 4WD Adventure, is run by Variety – the Children’s Charity.

We’re all about giving Aussie kids a fair go.

All the funds you raise in the lead up to the event go directly to where they’re needed most.

We know that getting started with your fundraising can be daunting, so we’re here to help!

We can provide advice and support on how to start rattling tins or cooking some snags to raise some big bucks! We can also help you find ways to secure sponsorships for your 4WD, by providing letter templates and ideas of who you can approach.

Soon you’ll realise it’s all SO EASY when you have a couple of mates in the car to help out!

What does the Variety 4WD Adventure Cost?

The Variety 4WD entry fee is made up of:

  • A $660 entry/registration fee (incl. GST)
  • A minumum of $3,000 in donations
  • Provisions costs - includes Meals and Event Merchandise approximately $900 per person incl. GST 
    (dependant on destination and duration of the event
  • Public Liability Insurance of approx. $45 per car incl. GST

Want in on the action?