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Variety Bikes for Kids


For Max, a bike is life changing

Meet Max, a remarkable young boy whose spirit shines brightly despite facing daily challenges with autism, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, and anxiety. Max's simple wish was to experience the joy of riding a bike with his friends. Unfortunately, financial constraints stood in his way, as his family struggled to afford a new bike for him. Your donation to Variety Bikes for Kids will provide Max and children like him with the gift of independence, adventure, and inclusion, and make dreams come true.

Join us in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and experience the freedom of riding a bike. Bring a smile to child in need today!

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Change a life, one bike at a time...

For kids like Max, the joy of receiving their first bike is simply out of reach. 

Heartbreakingly, the increasing cost of living is devastating some of our most vulnerable families and more kids like Max are missing out than ever before.

You can help provide a child with all the joy, fun with friends and physical benefits that owning a bike can bring. 

A brand new quality bike, helmet and lock to support one child costs $270.

Can you donate to help kids like Max?

Variety Bikes for Kids

How Your Donation Helps

Your tax-deductible donation can transform a child's life through the freedom of owning a bike.

In a world where 1 in 6 Victorian children live in poverty, many also grappling with disabilities, your simple act of kindness today can become a beacon of hope.


Safety Package

A helmet and lock to keep a child safe on their brand new bike


Dream Package

A brand new bike for a child who would otherwise miss out


Complete Happiness Package

A brand new bike, helmet and lock!

Variety Bikes for Kids

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In their own words

Research shows that cycling has numerous benefits for children, both physically and mentally. Not only does it promote physical activity and healthy habits, it also improves mental wellbeing and helps children develop important social skills.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our kids have to say!

"Getting a bike from Variety was like a dream come true! Now I can ride with my friends and explore new places every day." - Alex, Age 11 

Variety Bikes for Kids

"Getting a bike gave me a sense of independence and confidence. Thank you for making me feel unstoppable!" - Mia, Age 12

Variety Bikes for Kids

"Having my own bike from Variety means I can ride to the park and play with my friends anytime I want!" - Noah, Age 8

Variety Bikes for Kids

Our Goal

Your tax-deductible donation can transform a child's life through the freedom of a owning a bike. 

Since its inception, 22 years ago, our program has achieved remarkable milestones thanks to the support of people like you. And with the cost-of-living crisis demand is only increasing. 

In our last grant round alone, we have 345 kids waiting for bike packages – that’s 345 kids in need, just like Max, waiting to have freedom to explore, laugh, and just be a kid. This is the world we strive to build with the Variety Bikes for Kids program, and it's a world you can help create.

With the end of the financial year approaching, we're committed to ensuring no child is left on the sidelines. Our goal is to gift 345 bikes to children just like Max, providing them with the joy of new adventures and the gift of independence.

Over 13,000 kids have received bikes since 2002 thanks to you!

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towards the Variety Bikes for Kids program
Safety Package to keep a child safe on their adventures with a helmet and lock
Dream Package to provide a brand new-bike
Complete Happiness Package! A brand-new bike, helmet and lock!

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Make Your Donation Today

Here’s how your donation can make a difference:

  • $30 or a donation of your choice will help towards a bike package for a child in need
  • $80 will provide a child with a brand new helmet and lock
  • $190 will provide a child a brand new bike
  • $270 will provide a child with a brand new bike, helmet and lock - the full package!
When you donate, you can leave a message for a child which we'll attach to their brand new bike!



Variety Bikes for Kids

Championed by Derryn Hinch since his 2002 radiothon, now joined by challenge ambassador Lee "Hollywood" Turner, Variety Bikes for Kids has funded over 13,000 bikes for kids in need through Variety - the Children's Charity. 

Variety Bikes for Kids gives the gift of independence and joy to children who have never been fortunate enough to have a bike of their own. By taking part, by making a donation or setting a fundraising challenge, you will be bringing freedom and happiness to a child who would otherwise go without.


Our founder

Reflecting on how much his very first bike meant to him, under difficult financial circumstances for his family, Derryn Hinch campaigned to make sure all kids can enjoy the freedom of a bike launching a radiothon on 3AW in 2002.

"The Variety Bikes for Kids program is the epitome of what my favourite charity does best – providing tangible equipment with a direct impact on the quality of life of local children in need. An impact that both you and I get to see firsthand. My own family struggled through hard financial times. Like all parents, my mum and dad wanted the best for me. That’s why they did everything they could to give me the joy of receiving my very first bike - something I’d always dreamed of." Derryn Hinch 

Variety Bikes for Kids
Variety Bikes for Kids


Lee Turner

Known for his colourful cycling kit, Lee "Hollywood" Turner brings joy and happiness to bike riding! Lee loves exploring Melbourne by bike and the comradery it brings. Lee is a well-known MC, commentator and Bicycle Network lead rider, most recently featuring on the cover of Bicycle Australia magazine.

"For kids a bike represents a sense of freedom & independence and every child no matter their circumstances or background deserves their chance of that. I want to see more kids on bikes enjoying the same freedoms and fun they brought and continue to bring me. A simple bike can mean so much for a child and I don't want any child missing out just because they are disadvantaged. The Variety Bikes for Kids program can be that difference to help a child in need so they are not left behind. Bikes are fun and bikes are social and why should any child miss out on that. I'm on board because I want every child to have that big smile I had when I jumped on my first bike".


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