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Variety Bikes for Kids


Quality for our kids

Kids deserve the best for safety and self-esteem.

That's what we purchase quality bikes from our supplier to make sure kids can enjoy their bikes for years to come.

Built for durability, in time, these bikes can even be passed on to siblings or friends.

Variety Bikes for Kids are selected and assembled with the care we show to kids.


Physical Health

Government health guidelines recommend kids should aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day, including travelling to school and other activities. 55% of kids don't use an active means of transport to get to school and 80% don't meet the daily exercise recommendations, this increases with children living with disadvantage who may not have access to extra curricular activities. Owning a bike encourages exercise and builds healthy habits that can last a lifetime!

Variety Bikes for Kids
Variety Bikes for Kids


Mental Health and Learning

The benefits of owning a bike aren't just physical! Did you know bike riding also increases mental health and learning development particularly for children who would otherwise miss out? Increased activity helps kids in the classroom by increasing concentration and focus.


Emotional Health

Social connection and inclusion are important factors in emotional health. When a family living with disadvantage can't afford equipment like a bike, their kids can feel excluded from friends and classmates. A Variety bike brings fun and happiness to kids in need - sharing special times with friends and family and experiencing the freedom and independence bike riding can bring.

Adaptive Bikes

Variety Bikes for Kids

What about adaptive bikes?

The advantages of owning an adaptive bike for kids living with disability are immense.

Adaptive bikes are an integral part of physical therapy.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing trunk and leg strength
  • Improving postural control,core stability and balance
  • Increasing sensory integration and perception
  • Increasing social participation
  • Increasing motor co-ordination
  • Increasing self esteem
  • AND bring a whole lot of fun and joy!

PLUS kids with Autism find bike riding a calming and therapeutic activity!

What's the difference between a standard and adaptive bike?

Adaptive bikes are specialised bicycles designed to accommodate the unique needs of children with disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy. They offer features like trunk support, steering bars, bigger seats, foot cups, chest straps, seat belts, and headrests, which provide stability, control, and postural support.

Each additional element adds costs to the bike, for example, the trunk support alone costs $900. That's why these bikes are out of reach for so many - but now, with your help, we can make sure no child misses out!

P.S. These bikes aren't just for fun - and they are a whole lot! - they're also important for physical therapy and improving kids' posture and muscle control, having a direct impact on their quality of life!

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