Meet the Kids

Variety Bikes for Kids


Henry's Story

Henry's mum Mia reached out to us when she saw Variety bikes on TV. As a single mum, and with the increase in cost of living, purchasing a bike for Henry was simply out of reach. It was an emotional call, with Mia upset Henry had recently missed out on playing with his friends, all of who had bikes of their own. Thankfully donors like you stepped in to support the Variety Bikes for Kids program and Henry received his very own bike.

“Getting a bike has been the best! Now I can go to the park with my friends and even help mum out with the fastest trips to the shops you can imagine! Thank you SO SO MUCH!” Henry

Meet Brodie and Kye


Brodie and Kye

Brothers Brodie and Kye have a very special bond - and a shared love of cycling!

You may remember Brodie from a few years back when he received his first adaptive bike from Variety. This special bike had a magic effect that Brodie's family will never forget! You see Brodie lives with multiple physical challenges and his mum Deanne had been told he would never walk. But guess what, he could ride! 


Kye's Story

"With Brodie having a new Adaptive Bike, I get to see him be happy and do things I never thought he'd be able to do, like use his legs to ride a bike.

The bikes we've been given allow us to be active... we've never been able to get out and be active together. It's so fun to go for a bike ride with him, it gives us that normality and brotherhood. Now we're able to bike along the river... it just makes us so happy and to be able to see Brodie smile and enjoy life means a lot."  Kye

Variety Bikes for Kids

Hear from Brodie and Kye's Mum, Deanne

"When we were approved for Brodie's adaptive bike we were so excited because it was for him to do something different than being in a wheelchair and it was like other children his age. Just down the road there was a lake where I used to run around by myself when I could get out of the house. When Brodie’s bike arrived, we started to take him down there with his bike. He loved it so much and it meant as a family we were out together and enjoying the outdoors. One of the first days we were down there we decided to let go of pushing the adaptive bike down a slight hill when Brodie was riding and we couldn’t believe it – Brodie couldn’t even walk but yet he could turn his legs over to ride a bike. It was unbelievable and we were so excited!"

"It was amazing for his therapy over the years especially during the pandemic.  It was one of the only things that made him motivated with his rehabilitation after hip surgery as well.  His enjoyment from receiving this bike has been long lasting and life changing. He won’t miss an opportunity to ride. He is becoming so good that we are looking at riding with him now not just pushing him and never in a million years would I think that would have been possible. The difference Variety has made to our family is phenomenal.  We went from a family who couldn’t get out of the house to a family that used a bike to improve have invaluable family time, improve Brodie’s mobility and now lots of smiles! Thank you Variety."


More testimonials from the kids!

“Having my own bike is really awesome! Last weekend my Dad and I rode all the way to the beach, how cool is that!” – Ana, Age 10

Variety Bikes for Kids

“I used to hate going to school because it was such a long walk. But now that I have a bike, I actually look forward to it!” – Dan, Age 14

Variety Bikes for Kids

“I never thought I'd have my own bike, but thanks to Variety now I have one! I can go anywhere I want and explore with my friends.” – Maria, Age 13

Variety Bikes for Kids

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