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Max's Story

Max, a resilient 10-year-old who loves hanging out with his friends and his cousin Riley. Max, navigating life with autism and ADHD amidst his family’s financial challenges, had a simple yet profound wish: to explore the world on two wheels.

Thanks to friends like you, Max received his first bike from Variety, igniting a spark of joy and freedom in his life. However, as he grew, so did his need for a new bike to continue his adventures. Recognising the importance of connection and inclusion at an upcoming Cub Scouts cycling event, we knew something special had to be done. And just a few weeks ago, we visited Max and his mum Susan with a big surprise!

"My heart swelled with joy watching Max pedal away on his new bike, a gift from generous Variety supporters who believe every child deserves to laugh, explore, and simply be a kid."

These words remind us of the profound impact a single act of kindness can have.

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School Stories

At Fawkner we are passionate about promoting physical and mental health across a variety of opportunities. Giving students bikes allows them to obviously increase their physical health but also allows them to have a sense of belonging and allows for active travel to school. 

Donovan Pell, Mental Health & Wellbeing Leader, Fawkner Primary School

We are really excited to have been given these bikes for our school because they are bikes that will suit the needs to every student and support their learning. for generously donating their time to build bikes as a part of Variety’s Bikes for Kids Program. Variety Bikes for Kids - changing kids lives one bike at a time.

 Rina, Y11 student, Wayi School


The bikes are a great new resource for students to participate in physical activities and improve their health physically and mentally. We are very thankful for the donation.

Declan Pearse, Student

Staff and students are grateful for the very generous donation of bikes and bike education. Getting out and about gives our students the opportunity to connect with nature and explore the local community whilst engaging in healthy activity. They are looking forward to learning how to maintain the bikes and ride safely. for generously donating their time to build bikes as a part of Variety’s Bikes for Kids Program. Variety Bikes for Kids - changing kids lives one bike at a time.

Jacqui Walker, Campus Principal, Cire Community School


More testimonials from the kids!

"Getting a bike from Variety was like a dream come true! Now I can ride with my friends and explore new places every day." - Alex, Age 11 

Variety Bikes for Kids

"Getting a bike gave me a sense of independence and confidence. Thank you for making me feel unstoppable!" - Mia, Age 12

Variety Bikes for Kids

"Having my own bike from Variety means I can ride to the park and play with my friends anytime I want!" - Noah, Age 8

Variety Bikes for Kids

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