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Meet Mitch and Beau

When the financial strain of the pandemic put even more pressure on the families’ Variety assist, we were delighted to continue with our bike deliveries thanks to your support. Mitch and Beau were just two of these thousands of lucky recipients, thanks to the kindness of people like you.

Mitch and Beau's Mum Kelly Tells Us About Your Impact

“During the onset of the pandemic, we found ourselves in a world of confusion. Unfortunately, it was near impossible to shield our children from the fear of the unknown to help them emotionally and physically during this time. We found ourselves really struggling financially which only added to the day-to-day stress we faced regularly.

Having 2 children with additional needs meant we had to take on a different approach. This was new to us too but my gosh it was hard on them. We couldn't afford to spend what little money we had available to buy our children the things they needed, we had no idea what was to come.
I'd previously utilised the Variety organisation for many of the amazing services they offer and through their regular newsletter I found a link to apply for a bike through Variety Bikes for Kids.
Never in a million years did we expect to actually receive one."

Kelly continues "We were in shock at how fortunate, lucky and blessed we are to live in this day and age where organisations, companies and individuals come together to support children who are disadvantaged or have special needs.

We'd surprised the children with the most amazing news that they'd received their very own bikes when Variety delivered them to us with so much excitement that the children's faces just lit up!

They ran immediately to them screaming with excitement! Ecstatically they rode their bikes immediately while the photographer, Variety staff and I watched on. Mitchell did a trick and Beau refused to get off!

Thanks to Variety supporters, our children are confident riders and they got to experience some of the simple pleasures that all children should experience. Freedom with the wind in their faces, fun exercise, and independence.

Both Mitch and Beau still remind us of that amazing day. "Do you remember when we got our bikes? That was so much fun!"

Thank you for showing us that even during a pandemic, there is kindness that reminds us that we are indeed blessed to have such beautiful people looking out for others.”

Kelly, Beau and Mitch's mum

Meet Remy

As you know, Variety is all about letting every child fulfill their potential, no matter their ability or circumstance. That’s why we also provide adaptive bikes for kids living with disability.

Remy is just one of those children - a happy and active boy who loves tickles, french fries and Spongebob Squarepants.

Remy is non-verbal and lives with an intellectual disability and Autism, requiring regular outdoor sensory input. He enjoys interacting with the environment and has a special love of being outside which assists him to regulate his behaviour.

Remy’s circumstances meant a standard bike would not meet his needs and the prohibitive cost of a modified tricycle left these important experiences out of reach.

Remy was missing out, not only on the fun and freedom owning a bike can bring, but the vital physical therapy this equipment would provide.

Remy’s family reached out to Variety knowing that having his very own bike would help them let Remy experience the great outdoors, move around their rural community, be part of family and local activities and to assist with his ongoing physical therapy.

Thanks to supporters like you, Remy received his bike and now has a true sense of freedom
and inclusion!

And that’s not all – the advantages of owning a modified bike for kids like Remy are immense.

Many kids with Autism find bike riding a calming and therapeutic activity alongside a myriad of other benefits.

Remy’s mum Justine wanted to send this special message to supporters like you.

“Remy absolutely loves his new trike. Remy rides his bike at least once a day and often a few times a day!

Remy’s trike is his new favourite thing in the world – especially the bell seems to be one of his favourite things about the bike as he often rings it!

Thank you so much for making this happen.”


Variety Bikes for Kids


A helmet and lock to keep a child safe on their brand new bike!


The full package! A brand new bike, helmet and lock!

Variety Bikes for Kids

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Contribute to an adaptive bike, costing up to $7,500


Started by Derryn Hinch as a radiothon in 2002, now joined by challenge ambassador Lee "Hollywood" Turner, Variety Bikes for Kids has funded nearly 13,000 bikes for kids in need through Variety - the Children's Charity. 

Variety Bikes for Kids gives the gift of independence and joy to children who have never been fortunate enough to have a bike of their own. By taking part, by making a gift or setting a fundraising challenge in the month of June, you will be bringing freedom and happiness to a child who would otherwise go without.




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