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Frequently Asked Questions

Doing something new always comes with a question or two! Here are our most frequently asked questions about the Variety Rally Around Victoria. 

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Do I need a special type of car to participate?

Nope! Your daily driver will do the job – however, if you have one, we encourage you to bring your classic car or Bash car along for the journey!

What does it cost?

There’s a few costs to expect, here’s a breakdown…

Entry Fee - $220 per car (this covers the mechanics and paramedics we bring on the road, plus our administration costs)

Fundraising – you must raise a minimum of $500 per person to enter, with a minimum of 2 entrants per vehicle. But don’t worry, we’ll give you lots of tips to help you make this happen!

Meals and accomodation - at your expense. 

To enter, you’re looking at a minimum of $1,220 for 2 people per vehicle, excluding food and accommodation.

Do I have to be from the Variety Bash to enter?

Absolutely not! You’re sure to meet some of our Variety Bash, 4WD Adventure and Brats Crew on the trip, but this one is open to all and we love rookies! The Variety family is always growing and we love meeting new people from all walks of life.

Do I have to have a theme or dress up?

Nope, that’s entirely up to you and your crew. We make a few stops at schools and community groups along the way, and costumes are always encouraged and a hit with the kids, but not essential. However you choose to participate, dress-ups or not, you’re welcome to join in the fun.

Do I have to have a Working With Children Check?

Yes! This one is a non-negotiable for all Variety Motoring Event entrants. No WWCC, no entry. And we will be checking. Both in the lead up and on the event, where you must carry the card with you at all times. If you haven’t already got a WWCC, don’t stress. Applications are free and easy to process online here.

Where does the fundraising money go?

All money raised from the event goes to supporting kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs through Variety – the Children’s Charity Victoria. Variety Victoria are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and have been delivering vital support to kids across the country for more than 40 years. If you join the event, you’ll even get to see some very special grant presentations out on the road.

Can I use fundraising money to cover my event costs?

No. Fundraising dollars cannot be used to fund your costs in the Variety Rally Around Victoria. Fundraising cannot cover the registration fee, meals, accommodation or costs of your car. Individual accommodation, refreshments, merchandise, fuel costs, mechanical repairs, car shipping and other out of pockets expenses are at your own expense, and should be considered in your budget when preparing for the event.

How do I fundraise?

The most common way to raise money is through fundraising events (such as dinners, trivia nights, golf days etc.). You can also get out in your community and shake tins, put skills to use in exchange for cash or even run sausage sizzles! Many crews also approach businesses to sponsor their car on the event. You can also find lots of tips to assist with fundraising in your dashboard once you register and the Variety team is always on deck to give you some ideas.

What if my car breaks down?

We travel with several Mobile Workshop Teams, including a tow-truck, out on the road with us. That means, we’ve got highly experienced mechanics to assist you with any automotive issues you might run into along the road. We aim to keep you moving and get you to the finish.

Variety Rally Around Victoria