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I've joined the Variety Vic Bash!

In 2023, I'm hitting the road with a crew as part of the Variety Vic Bash to make a difference to kids in need! 

Along our journey, we'll be presenting grants and much needed equipment to kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs. We can't wait to meet the kids who will benefit from your generosity very soon. Donations from legends like you support the work for Variety - the Children's Charity year round, to assist kids who might otherwise go without the vital help they need. 

Help us help kids reach their full potential and donate today!

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First Bash

Saturday 11th Feb
Thomas the tank,  Ruby (our wonderful team leader), Helen, Evonne and myself are very excited to hit the road in August and join in the fun as we raise money for the kids. Gold Coast here we come.

Thank you to my Sponsors


James Permezel


Grainne Darrer


Andy Herrod

For my “mechanic” hope you don’t need those skills this trip



Go Team Thomas



Go Thomas and crew x


Libby Clarke

Go rock ‘Em Miss Jane!! You were born to do this kind of work! I can’t think of a more fun yet also sensitive soul to board Thomas and do such great work with kids. Toot toot!!!


Jim Conway


Gwenda Walker-smith

Good luck Thomas Team! Toot-Toot!


Rob And Jen Permezel

Go Janie!!! Enjoy the adventure!




Maria Belvedere

Love a great cause. Have fun!


Mark Brindley


Pam Minogue

Good job Jane


Wendy Cross

Fantastic cause Jane- have fun!


Jennie Geary


Rose Truman


Susan Wright

Sounds like fun, Jane. Enjoy!


Michelle Truong


Davina Yates

Girl power, have fun


Stuart Permezel


Kerry Donnelly

Go Team!!!


Wendy Mcgeary

Enjoy the drive for a great cause.


Naomi Mcbride

Well done Jane x



Good on you Jane - enjoy the journey xx



Good luck Jane. Enjoy the Bash and best wishes to Thomas and Friends. Marlene


Vanessa Hoskin