Remember Dreaming of Your First Bike?

Today We Can Make Dreams Come True.


"The Variety Bikes for Kids program is the epitome of what my favourite charity does best – providing tangible equipment with a direct impact on the quality of life of local children in need. An impact that both you and I get to see firsthand. My own family struggled through hard financial times. Like all parents, my mum and dad wanted the best for me. That’s why they did everything they could to give me the joy of receiving my very first bike - something I’d always dreamed of." Derryn Hinch

Joy. Freedom. Strength. Inclusion.

What difference can a bike make you ask? There’s nothing like seeing a child’s face light up, just like mine did all those years ago. As you may remember from when YOU were that small boy or girl, owning your very own bike can give you your first taste of freedom. It brings joy. And it brings strength, as a child discovers physical activity can be so much fun! Most of all, a bike gives a disadvantaged child the ability to simply join in and play with their friends. Give today.

For Some Children, a Bike Means Even More...

You see, Brodie lives with an undiagnosed neurometabolic disorder - basically the rarest of rare - and getting his very first bike wasn’t just about mum and dad being able to dig deep for a Christmas or a birthday present, Brodie needed a very special bike. A bike that is even more out of reach for mums and dads than a standard two-wheeler. A modified bike costs an extraordinary $6,920 but its impact for a young man like Brodie is incredible. In fact, for Brodie, using his bike can be life changing. Give today.

This Bike Gave Brodie’s Parents the Dream of Seeing Their Son Walk for the Very First Time.

“Brodie absolutely loves his special bike so much! He has started pedalling which is something I thought might happen but not for a long while. This obviously is increasing his strength in his legs and my dream is that it will help him walk. Nevertheless, you can see you guys have made this smile possible and one very happy (and emotional) Mum here too. Without the support of your incredible community of donors, there would be no way we would have been able to get this potentially life-changing bike for our son”. Deanne

How You Can Make a Dream Come True for a Child in Need

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Derryn's Story - How My Dream Came True

"As a boy of ten, I had worked hard at weekends and before school on my father’s milk run. I thought I might be rewarded with a bike for Christmas. On Christmas morning I got home from work and was disappointed there wasn’t a bike under the tree. I did get a bike that Christmas, my parents had hidden it at the end of a long piece of string. I followed the trail down into the basement. And there it was. And when I saw it, I looked at it and I cried. I didn’t care that it was a second-hand bike. Didn’t care that the peeling chrome handlebars had been gussied up with that silver paint they used to smear thickly on the old coal range. I didn’t even care that it was a girl’s bike! It was MY bike. The memory still brings a tear to my eye. Every child deserves this experience, no matter what their ability or circumstance. Today you & I have the chance to make a dream like mine come true and fund a disadvantaged child’s very first bike." Derryn

Thank You

Thank you for supporting the Variety Bikes for Kids appeal. With no government funding, Variety - the Children's Charity relies on the generosity of people like you. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.