Variety Heart Scholarships

Variety Heart Scholarships support Victorian children with a demonstrated talent who are living with a disability, chronic illness, or financial hardship, to reach the next stage of development.

Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarhsips support talent in areas such as, but not limited to:

Physical sports including ball sports, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and martial arts

Motor sports including cars, bikes and boats

Animal assisted including equestrian and canine

Mind sports including board games, card games and e-sports

Arts Scholarships

Arts scholarships support talent in areas such as, but not limited to:

Visual Arts including ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking and game design/ coding

Performing Arts including dance, music and theatre

Literary Arts including fiction, drama, poetry and prose

Jack Eadon Equestrian Scholarship

The Jack Eadon Equestrian Variety Heart Scholarship is designed to help fund the costs of competing in equestrian events, including the funding of equipment, training, and travel.

This scholarship recognises and honours the success, talent, and impact of Jack Eadon in the equestrian community. As well as his equestrian achievements, Jack was known for his generosity and described as a true gentleman and a role model to riders of all ages.

Who can apply?

To apply for a Variety Heart Scholarship, applicants must be residents of Victoria and fall within the age range of 8 to 17 years old. Each applicant is eligible to hold only one scholarship within a 12-month period. Additionally, applicants are required to showcase a demonstrated talent that has been cultivated and refined over time, which should be attested by a professional in the respective field of talent.

Scholarship applications can be made under two specific funding categories: financial hardship or disability/chronic illness. We encourage young individuals with exceptional abilities and talents to seize this opportunity and apply for the scholarship that aligns with their unique aspirations and circumstances. We are dedicated to recognising and supporting the potential of these promising applicants and assisting them in achieving their dreams.

How does it work?


Applications are submitted through an online form and must meet eligibility criteria and provide all relevant documentation as outlined in the Variety Heart Scholarship guidelines.


Applications are reviewed by the Kids Support department, and eligible submissions are assessed by the Kids Support Grants Committee. Approved applications are submitted to the Variety Board for ratification.


Outcome letters are emailed to applicants within 10 weeks of each grant round closing. Variety Heart Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants for the advertised calendar year.

Please note that scholarship applications are only open from September to November and will be granted for the following calendar year.

Past Recipients

VHS 2004

Dylan Alcott

Multiple gold medal winner, disability advocacy trailblazer and 2022 Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott OAM was awarded a Variety Heart Scholarship as an up-and-coming athlete.

VHS 2011

Nick Hum

In 2011, Nick Hum was awarded the Variety Young Sports Achiever award. Since then, Nick has achieved numerous milestones that have solidified his position as a true sports champion.

VHS 2019 - 2022

Jack Howell

Jack received our Variety Heart Scholarship from 2019 – 2022 and this year we welcomed Jack as a Variety Ambassador. We have loved watching him keep raising the bar and excelling in his triathlon achievements!

VHS 2022

Charlee Lang

Gymnastics has given 15-year-old Charlee the ability to compete in an inclusive environment and make new friends, all while increasing her confidence and developing her motor skills.

Variety Educational Scholarships are available to support children who are experiencing disadvantage with assistance to cover basic educational needs.