Individual Grants

We assist the purchase of mobility equipment, communication devices, and essential medical and health equipment to support Victorian children with a medically diagnosed chronic illness or disability


Who is eligible?

You qualify to apply for an individual grant if the benficiary is a resident of Victoria, aged 17 or under at the round closing date, and has a disability or long-term health condition that is recognised by a designated health professional.

Additionally, your family household income should be below $200,000 per annum, taking into account all sources of income, such as child support payments, rental income, investment income, or any other income received by any parent or caregiver who is financially responsible for the beneficiary.

Previous recipients can apply for another grant two years after the date listed on their original successful outcome letter.


What can I apply for?

Applicants are allowed to apply for only one item as part of their Individual Grant request. This item must be directly related to the child's diagnosis and supported by a GP or allied health professional.

Please note that the item listed in the application will be the primary focus of the grant and, if the application is successful, no amendments can be made to the listed item after the approval date. We encourage careful consideration of the most relevant and beneficial item related to the child's needs before finalising the request.

Please download the Individual Grant Guidelines for a list of example items that we may provide funding for.


What won't be funded?

  • Services or equipment not directly related to a child’s special/extra needs, and which are not deemed medically/developmentally necessary
  • Travel expenses – including public transport and petrol
  • Warranties, insurance, maintenance, service agreements, batteries, repairs
  • Administrative fees or operational costs 
  • Sports equipment that is non-adaptive or does not support special needs
  • Expenses that have already been initiated or have already occurred prior to submission or written approval
  • Incomplete application forms
  • Equipment from non-Australian distributors that cannot be invoiced directly to Variety, or services outside Australia
  • Capital works
  • Installation costs
  • Cars, car modifications or e-bikes 


        How does it work?


        Applications are submitted through an online form and must meet eligibility criteria and provide all relevant documentation as outlined in the Individual Grant guidelines.


        Applications are reviewed by the Kids Support department, and eligible submissions are assessed by the Kids Support Grants Committee. Approved applications are submitted to the Variety Board for ratification.


        Outcome letters are emailed to applicants within 10 weeks of each grant round closing. Successful applicants have 12 months from the date on their outcome letter to action their Individual Grant.

        Please note that grant applications are only open to submissions for set periods of time at multiple stages throughout the year.