Bikes Grants

Variety's Bikes for Kids program gives the gift of independence and joy to children through the granting of bikes.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for an individual bike grant, the beficiary must be a resident of Victoria aged between 4-17 years old and must not curently own a working bike. Additionally:

  • Parent (not child) must have a valid Centrelink Concession/Pension/Health Care Card, OR;
  • Have refugee or asylum seeker status, OR;
  • Child is in Foster/Protection/Emergency/DFFH Care.

Applicants must wait for a period of three years from the date indicated on their original successful outcome letter before they become eligible to reapply.

To be eligible for a Bikes for Kids grant, the school must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be located in a Decile 1 or 2 area;
  • Be located in a Regional or Rural area;
  • Be offering alternative education to keep students engaged;
  • Have a school population experiencing disability, disadvantage or geographical isolation;
In addition to this, the school or organisation must currently - or plan to - run a bike education program. Bikes must be used in these programs and kept in safe storage onsite.

What can I apply for?

This application specifically pertains to standard 2-wheel bikes. Successful applicants will also receive a helmet and lock to ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable biking experience.

Schools have the opportunity to request a maximum of 15 standard 2-wheel bikes per application, along with up to 15 helmets and bike locks. Bikes and helmets are available in assorted sizes to cater to the diverse needs of children.

    What won't be funded?

    Modified/adaptive bikes or trikes will not be granted via the Variety Bikes for Kids porgram.

    Please instead submit these applications through the Variety Individual or Community grant rounds. Please note that applications for modified/ adaptives bikes and trikes must be formally endorsed by an allied health professional.

          How does it work?


          Applications are submitted through an online form and must meet eligibility criteria and provide all relevant documentation as outlined in the Variety Bikes for Kids grant guidelines.


          Applications are reviewed by the Kids Support department for eligibility and document verification.


          Applicants can expect to receive outcome letters via email within 10 weeks of the grant round's conclusion. Successful applicants will receive instructions regarding the delivery or collection of their bike.

          Please note that scholarship applications are only open once a year. 

          Looking to donate?

          Variety Bikes for Kids has been changing kids' lives for over two decades. Thanks to our incredible donors, we've delivered over 13,000 bikes to kids in need.

          For children living with disabilities, illness or experiencing disadvantage, bikes offer more than just a ride; they deliver joy, independence, and inclusion. Today, families face increased financial strain, making our program more essential than ever.

          Our mission goes beyond gifting bikes. It sets kids on a path to a healthier, more active life with benefits such as improved fitness, endurance, and mental wellbeing. Join us in making a difference - one bike, one smile at a time.

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