Car 77 - The 3 Amigos

We're taking part in the Variety Bash to help kids in need

G’day! We are so excited to be taking part in the 2021 Variety Bash – travelling all the way to Great Keppel Island, the long way round!

The Variety Bash is a once in a lifetime chance to experience remote and regional parts of Australia in outrageously themed classic cars, all in support of Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Throughout the event, we’ll be visiting local towns, stopping into schools and organisations to help kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs through the provision of educational, health and mobility equipment. And the giving doesn’t stop there! Variety continue to support children, families and communities throughout the year with funds raised from the Variety Bash.

Help us give Aussie kids a fair go – donate today! 

My Achievements

Goal! Ten donations received for kids in need!

$500 will supply an iPad for a non-verbal child

$1,000 will supply a specialised trampoline for children with sensory needs

$3,000 buys a portable scooter for a child with limited mobility

Oh wow $10,000 for kids in need. You are champs!!

My Entries

Car 77

Sunday 14th Feb
Colour scheme taking shape..

The car...

Friday 22nd Jan
Okay, so here's our 1991 Triton kindly donated by Amigo Stevo.
It has to transport us 4000km through outback Australia...hmmmm.
We'll update as the transformation takes place. :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Oleon Oils

Great cause, good luck


Central Victoria Blinds & Awnings

Wish I could have gone.


Comer Family


Mathew House


Andrew & Cac Butterworth

It’s going to be an awesome adventure and very happy to support a fantastic cause.



See no evil hear no evil speak me evil


Sharkey Scooters & Mobility

Dusty Bottoms, Lucky Day & Ned Nederlander have a great trip and enjoy. Safe Travels from all the Sharkey Team


Chapman Gardner


Jenny Morrison


Richard Gould

Have fun blokes - like you needed me to say that!


Centre Vic Gardening Service

Wish you all a fantastic trip


Paul Breen


Vicki Griffiths

Hope you all enjoy yourselves and bring the car home in one piece - Vicki,Katie,Sierra,Ben and Kate x


Cindy And Richard Jowitt


Danielle Stevenson

Good job Cous - hope you have a ball!


Kel Dar Park

Good Luck, Stay Safe & Have Fun


Nigel May

Brilliant guys


Michelle Bates

Go Go Go The 3 Amigos!


Mitchell Stevenson & Tahley

Enjoy the ride!


Denise Clark

Have a safe but fun trip north - great cause!


Brian Giovanni


Jenny Eddy

wonderful thing to do, such a great cause. Good Luck on the Bash


Emma Stevenson Stevenson

Good job guys! :)


Hannah Cue

Love these sorts of charities! Thank you for putting yourselves out there and being able to do this. Something so small can mean the world to someone else.


Rod Fawcett