Helping Kids In Need

By Inspector Hector's PAWgeous pup fund-raiser for assistance dogs

I'm Getting Active for Kids in Need

MY NAME IS INSPECTOR HECTOR! Im raising funds a to help kids in need! 

I am an assistance dog in training myself. Me and my human mean so much to each other and we have each others back unconditionally.

Mum says I can have alllll  my friends over for a munchie party. She gonna cook all your raves and some new ones too , we are asking for a donation to help this amazing foundation to help the kids that need a Lil extra loves.... n face licks??? 

Come to my Morning Highhhh Tea where everything is in a lovely shade of green for the theme. 

Let's make it fun! Come dressed in outrageous costumes in our fave colour and let's have some good times n raise some dam moneyyyyy!

Please sponsor me and support my efforts everyday to learn all the things I have to cram into my big bulging brain. I just want to know your content and that's my job done. 


Every $1 raised will help Variety - the Children's Charity make sure ALL kids get a fair go in life, not matter what their ability or circumstance through the provision of tangible equipment and programs.

Make a donation AND make a difference today!

Thank you so much for your support - it is truly appreciated.

I may or may not bite Ur ankle if u don't donate. I may also steal Ur munchies... fair warning... 

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Saturday 25th September 12:30 - 05:00

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