I'm Getting Dressed Up for Good!

SupPAWt me to reach my goal of $150 and provide life changing assistance dogs to kids in need! Make a donation and check out my entries and insPAWation below. You can even help me bark out loud about my good dog doing good by sharing my page !

I'm taking part in Petember!

Help support the training of Variety Assistance dogs for children in need!

Petember is extra special because our participation raises funds and awareness for Variety Assistance Dogs. These animals change the lives of kids living with Autism, Anxiety and Epilepsy. 

Waffle is currently training as an ASD and GAD assistance dog, so this cause is especially close to our hearts as we know how much of a difference an assistance dog can do for someone’s mental and physical health. 

Each week in September, we’ll be showing you all our exciting dress-up themes and having lots of fun!

Make sure you check them out right here! And while you are checking out our amazing outfits, why not make a positive difference to a child in need?

Petember is all about good dogs doing good.

Assistance Dogs are a lifeline for children in need. Last financial year, Variety – the Children’s Charity funded 9 Assistance Dogs to help improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Epilepsy. 

It costs can cost up to $40,000 to train and place a Variety Assistance Dog with a child in need. Your support will assist Variety to fund assistance dogs for kids currently on our waiting list and to work with service providers to train, care for and place future assistance dogs.

Any donations you can give are much appreciated as it would be amazing for us to reach our goal <3

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My Entries

Dodie - pop star week

Sunday 19th Sep
Waffle is pretending to be dodie, one of my favourite musicians. She is playing her first show of her tour tonight which is very exciting! The ukulele in the background is the same one that she uses.

Aurora Havanese

Tuesday 14th Sep
So for Pup Star week we decided to do something a little bit different and give Photoshop a go 🙈 Aurora is my absolute favourite music artist so I used her most recent album cover as a base. Apologies if this is scary 💀

Official ball boy Waffle 🎾

Saturday 11th Sep
One of our favourite sports to watch and play is tennis, so naturally we brought Waffle with us when we went down to the tennis court to play earlier. He was a great referee though perhaps not the best ball boy because he just watches the ball roll past him!

Dressed for the Red Carpet

Wednesday 1st Sep
Waffle wears a v-neck button down vest, bandana and tie all handmade by me. He is posing and looking directly into the camera

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Waffle is so cute and this is such a worthy cause!



Best of luck reaching your goal!



I can’t wait to see your outfits, Waffle! Good luck reaching your goal! 🐾 ♥️


Ollie Woof



Good luck!


Margie Taylor




Good luck reaching your goal!





You guys are doing great!! Xx