I'm Getting Dressed Up for Good!

SupPAWt me to reach my goal of $1500 and provide life changing assistance dogs to kids in need! Make a donation and check out my entries and insPAWation below. You can even help me bark out loud about my good dog doing good by sharing my page !

I'm taking PAWt in Petember!

Help me be a suPAW star in the biggest doggie dress-up comPAWtition in Australia – Petember!

Petember is extra special because my PAWticipation raises funds and awareness for Variety Assistance Dogs. These PAWsome animals change the lives of kids living with Autism, Anxiety and Epilepsy.

Each week in September, I'll be showing you all my exciting dress-up themes for you to showcase my dogs PAWsonality! 

Make sure you check them out right here! And while you are checking out my PAWsome outfits, why not make a PAWstive difference to a child in need?

Petember is all about good dogs doing good.

Assistance Dogs are a lifeline for children in need. Last financial year, Variety – the Children’s Charity funded 9 Assistance Dogs to help improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Epilepsy. 

It costs can cost up to $40,000 to train and place a Variety Assistance Dog with a child in need. Your supPAWt will assist Variety to fund assistance dogs for kids currently on our waiting list and to work with service providers to train, care for and place future assistance dogs.

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🕸🕷 Spooky Pooch 🕸🕷

Tuesday 21st Sep
As we get ready for Halloween 🕸 What is a spiders favourite day? Fly Day 🤣 . Welcome to Week 4 of #petember 👻🕷Spooky Pooch 🕷👻 . Let’s help on our last week to raise as much as we can 💰 @varietypetember is here to raise awareness and funds for assistance dogs to help the kids that need it the most, these kids have special needs including epilepsy and autism. Please share or donate 🙏🏻 Link is in my bio ⬆️

Pup Star 🐶 ⭐️

Tuesday 14th Sep
Week 3 ➡️ #petember 🎸🎤🥁🎧 . Pup Star 🐶⭐️ . Dis week Toby Urban is banging out a few hits 🥁🎸🕺🏻 Any requests? #wholetthedogsout 🤣 . . Petember is a doggy dress up fundraiser in support of Variety Assistance Dogs, who provide children wif special needs life changing assistance dogs to help desk wif every day fings. These dogs can cost up to $40,000 to train so if you can spare any fing please head to the link in my bio ⬆️💫🙏🏻

SPAWty Spice 🎾

Wednesday 8th Sep
Welcome to Week 2 of @varietypetember . Toby Djokovic is in da building 🎾 Who’s up for a game of tennis ? . Please help me by sharing or donating to help bring awareness & fund assistance dogs to help the kids that need it the most 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Red PAW-pet 🕺🏻

Wednesday 1st Sep
Lights, Camera, Action ⭐️ Welcome to @varietypetember’s Annual Charity Event to raise awareness & much needed $ to help fund Assistance Dogs for help kids in need through the amazing @varietyvic ❣️ . Week 1. Show us your best Boujii 🕺🏻 Ps- not even tryin 🤷🏼‍♂️ haha . Please share, or donate 💰 Link is in my bio 🤩 Fank you so much 🙏🏻

It’s nearly Petember Time 🕺🏻🦹🏼‍♂️🎸🤩

Thursday 19th Aug
Hello Everyone,
Toby Uber here. 
I’ve nearly reached $200 in donations 👏
Fank you for all your wonderful support to help raise needed funds to help the kids in need get assistance dogs they require  to help them through their life with a bit more ease 🙏🏻
2 weeks to go until dress up time 

Toby Uber's Petember

Sunday 4th Jul
Thank you supporting me during Petember.
Let’s help kids in need get the assistance dogs they require to help make their lives easier. 
Every share, every donation, makes a difference to the kids.
Lots of Woofs. Toby Uber xxx

Thank you to my Sponsors



Well done Toby, from your fans!!



Keep fundraising TOBY!!


Karen And The Kelleygrlz

You rock Toby...lubs and kitty kisses fwom da KelleyGrlz 😽😽


Laura Aggio Mattone

Go Toby 👊👊 sending kisses by Gaetano and Zora ❤️❤️


Lizzy And Micah

Go Mr Tobes the Uber driver!! 🥰 All my love to your Mumma 😘💙💙💙


Consuelo Wikhammer


Humphrey Dachshund

Good luck xx


Joe Harrison

Wonderful cause to support Toby, and hopefully lots of fun for you too 😊💙



Way to go Toby! We love you ❤️


Ladell Turley


Petember Matched Donation

All donations donations (until we reach our pledge limit of $10,000) are matched on 17 Sept so we can help as many kids as possible.


Aunty Al

Happy Birthday buddy🥳🎉🤩 We can't wait to see your dress ups 😘😘😘


Ashleigh Kent


Boom And Maddi Howell

Tobes, we are loving your outfits. Such an amazing cause and so thankful for all the hard work and effort Variety pets do


Petember Matched Donation

All donations donations (until we reach our pledge limit of $10,000) are matched on 17 Sept so we can help as many kids as possible.


Blokey Robinson

Blokey donated his treat money to help out. You are doing great work Toby!


Cooper Baker

Yay go Tobes! What a great cause. Love ya Coops xx


Ashleigh Kent

Nice work Toby. Very proud of you.


Daisy_deuce .


Ivy Prada Pearly Buddy

To the number 1 uber driver we can't wait to see your outfits ❤ ivy prada pearly and buddy


Olivia Parker

Woohoo go Toby your gonna rock this 😎


George Bartholomew

Good luck big boy



Good luck Toby. Can’t wait to see how cute you will look in your costumes


Jagger & Hendy

Great work Tobes 💙