Car 7200 - The Green Lantern

Variety Bash 2022

Meet The Green Lantern Team 7200

Chris Green (Greeny)

Todd Groves (Softhands)

Peter Mulholland (Molly)

Derek Mulholland (Chucky)


The Green Lantern Team will be driving a 1977 Rambler Matador manufactured by AMC (American Motor Company) assembled in Port Melbourne with an automatic 360 cubic inch motor. This old beauty has 70,000 original Km on the clock.

Originally purchased in Hobart in 1977 by Greeny's Uncle Dusty aka Don Laredo, prominent jeweler in Hobart for $9800.00. He owned it until 2004. 

Greeny purchased this beast in 2004 with the idea of eventually entering it into a Variety Bash. As with most of Greeny's ideas, this idea soon subsided and he ended up selling the car to Todd. The car sat idol for many years until Greeny decided that during the Covid Lockdown that he would buy the car back and do it up ready for a Variety Bash.

Softhands sold it back to him on the proviso that he was guaranteed a seat in the car when we eventually enter the Bash. This turned out to be a masterstroke by Greeny as Softhands has been the main driver for the team in gathering sponsorship. Maybe Greeny is not as dopey as we think??

Then there's Molly. He's the brains of the team doing most of the administrative roles and he can also lift heavy objects.  Molly's older brother Chucky entered the team after seeing us seek donations on Facebook. Chucky said that this is something he's always wanted to do and that he would be able to tick that off his bucket list. He also brings some practical skills that the rest of the team lacks severely.

You won’t miss us out on the Bash. We're a bright green car that most of you will pass when we're broken down on the side of the road, but hey that's all part of the Bash and we are looking forward to meeting everybody on the trip and raising needed funds for kids.

We've joined the Variety Bash

In 2022, we're hitting the road with the Variety Vic Bash to make a difference to kids in need! 

Along our journey, we'll be presenting grants and much needed equipment to kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs. We can't wait to meet the kids who will benefit from your generosity very soon. Donations from legends like you support the work for Variety - the Children's Charity year round, to assist kids who might otherwise go without the vital help they need. 

Help us help kids reach their full potential and donate today!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Recycal Pty Ltd

Good luck Todd


Abp Electrical


Sims Metal

Sims Metal


Victorian Wheel Weights



All the best Todd


Kendalls Hotel, Scottsdale, Tasmania

Good luck buddy.



Enjoy the ride


Scd Apparel

Goodluck guys!


Harrison Motoring Group

Go for it lads!


Frank Remoundos


Jhl Civil

Well done fellas great cause!


Geoff Collinson Townley

Go Greeny


Chandler Cooper

Great cause and happy to be a supporter of the cause.


Community Bank Seddon


John Sammartino

Good luck Todd; have an amazing time; such a worthwhile cause.


Gary Walsh

The 5th wheel


Tony And Jenny Missen


Bob Kunesevic

Great work 👍


Annemaree And Mick Mulholland

Have a ball, hope you get heaps of cash for the kids out there.


Daniel & Andrea

Good Luck! Fantastic cause xx


Marjie Laredo



Annemaree And Mick Mulholland

Well done to my Brothers such a great cause. Enjoy the experience and stay safe xo


Dale Mulholland

Go get em big fella!!!


Sharon Mulholland

Happy Birthday


Shelley Wall



Go Chris!!!!


Jeff Russ

good luck and behave on your trip Greeny



Good luck guys!!


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Andrew Highgate

Good luck guys. Trip of a lifetime and going good at the same time


Whitey And Kelly

Good luck lads


Deb Gray

good cause, hope you all have a great time


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Bernadine Swann

Good on ya Peter 👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️


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Nicholas Hardcastle

Good luck mate - enjoy


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Drive safe.




Haylee And Lee Martin

This is great news! Have the best time raising money for a great cause


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Good on ya Molly. 👊


Nadia Bogusz