The Udder Brothers Car 3268 - Geoff Wickham

I've joined the Variety Vic Bash!

In 2022, I'm hitting the road with a crew as part of the Variety Vic Bash to make a difference to kids in need! 

Along our journey, we'll be presenting grants and much needed equipment to kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs. We can't wait to meet the kids who will benefit from your generosity very soon. Donations from legends like you support the work for Variety - the Children's Charity year round, to assist kids who might otherwise go without the vital help they need. 

Help us help kids reach their full potential and donate today!

My Achievements

Goal! Ten donations received for kids in need!

$500 will supply an iPad for a non-verbal child

$1,000 will supply a specialised trampoline for children with sensory needs

$3,000 buys a portable scooter for a child with limited mobility

Oh wow $10,000 for kids in need. You are champs!!

My Entries

Car 3268

Monday 9th May
Ever heard of the “Udder Brothers” 🚙 3268? Follow our 🧍🏻‍♂️Geoff🧍🏻‍♂️Brett🧍🏻‍♂️Leon, local dairy farming lads who are off on a journey 🗺to raise 💰 for sick 🤒 🦼  🛏 & disadvantaged kids. So if you have some 💵 to spare follow the link & search car 3268 make a very special donation 👌👌 If you would like to make a cash or cheque donation, contact Vicki 0408 363505

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mepunga Grains

Well done boys, good effort for a good cause, Good luck on trip and have fun.


Clarke's Pies


Mclaren Hunt Financial Group Pty Ltd

Good luck to the Udder Brothers from the team at McLaren Hunt.


Paul Lorimer

Good luck lads!!!


Robert Whitehouse


The Midfield Group


Garden Grove Haulage

Great Cause!


Ccp Civil & Precast

What an Udderley wonderful way to support kids in need. Enjoy the adventure.


Michael Lyne


Raymond Blake Contracting


K And A Hards

Hope you survive!! You 3 dickheads!!


Swayn & Mccabe Claas Harvest Centre


Agmek Ballarat

Well done, great cause, hope you all have a great time


Victoria Hoffmann Dohle

Good work Udder Brothers, getting off farm for a terrific cause and an epic adventure! Looking forward to seeing the pics from the trip. From the Team at Green & Gold


Grant And Kate Wilson

Udderly fantastic effort. Good luck


Jantec Systems


Barry And Andrea Smith

Good Luck!!


Western District Agricentre

All the best from the team at Western District Agricentre! Go Team Udder Bros! and Massey Ferguson!🤣😂


P Shanahan


Colin Neal Pl


Woodleight Fields Pty Ltd


Warrnambool Veterinary

Congratulations on taking part in this great Charity event. Good Luck from Warrnambool Veterinary


Mh And Ka Croft Transport


Miller Motosports


Jack Lee

Well done boys


Peter Mason


Rowdy Rentschs


Kenneth Boyd



Good Luck & hope all goes well! Great Effort!


H F Richardson Livestock


Geoff And Vicki

Doing it for the kids ❤️


Melissa Bowman Bookkeeping


Rebekah & Tim Keogh

Well done Udder Brothers! What a great cause! Have a fantastic trip.



Hoping you have a truly spectacular adventure!


Nick & Simone Renyard

Good job guys


Paul & Marsha Smith



You guys rock!


Mark And Jo Delaney


Donna Nutting


Lynnie G

Go get ‘Em boys! Not sure how those farmers knees … backs … necks … shoulders … well generally the whole bodies will hold up to that many hours in a car. But .. I do know you’ll all have a blast doin it for the kids!! Well done boys and enjoy! 🐄🐄🐄


Leanne Moulden