I'm Getting Dressed Up for Good!

SupPAWt me to reach my goal of $1000 and provide life changing assistance dogs to kids in need! Make a donation and check out my entries and insPAWation below. You can even help me bark out loud about my good dog doing good by sharing my page !

I'm taking PAWt in Petember!

Help me be a suPAW star in the biggest doggie dress-up comPAWtition in Australia – Petember!

Petember is extra special because my PAWticipation raises funds and awareness for Variety Assistance Dogs. These PAWsome animals change the lives of kids living with Autism, Anxiety and Epilepsy.

Each week in September, I'll be showing you all my exciting dress-up themes for you to showcase my dogs PAWsonality! 

Make sure you check them out right here! And while you are checking out my PAWsome outfits, why not make a PAWstive difference to a child in need?

Petember is all about good dogs doing good.

Assistance Dogs are a lifeline for children in need. Last financial year, Variety – the Children’s Charity funded 9 Assistance Dogs to help improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Epilepsy. 

It costs can cost up to $40,000 to train and place a Variety Assistance Dog with a child in need. Your supPAWt will assist Variety to fund assistance dogs for kids currently on our waiting list and to work with service providers to train, care for and place future assistance dogs.

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Week 4: Spooooooky Pets

Saturday 25th Sep
It's the final week of Petember and we are rolling into Spooktober with the theme 'Spooky Pets'.

Here's Chowder the Vampire Batcat - he wants to suuuck your bloooood, and drain your wallets! For a most excellent cause of course. BWOAHAHAHAHAA!!!

If you haven't already donated, please consider sponsoring us to support Variety's life-changing work, providing assistance dogs to kids in need ❤️🐶

This is our very last Petember entry - huge thanks to all of you who've donated, I'm totally blown away that we have raised over a grand! Love your work friends. Let's give it up for Fancyboi Chowder and his amazing (and very patient) fundraising efforts! 🤗

Week 3: Pup Stars!

Friday 17th Sep
Old Chowder's style is much more hip hop than 'pop' so he's rolling into this week's theme in original gangsta style. He's been working all week on this killer fundraising rap:

"Yo I'm MC Chowdie and I'm here to say
We got to raise that cash for Varie-tay!
So don't be a fool and don't you snooze
Get your hands in the air, I'll make you groove.
With my rhymes so fresh, I am the best,
Let's help those shorties, get them dogs today!"

<mic drop>

If you're inclined to donate, today is definitely the day - Variety have found an amazing sponsor who is matching all new donations up until midnight tonight. So your contribution will be doubled! So come on party people, let's make it rain for MC Chowdie Chow!

Week 2: Spawty Spice

Saturday 11th Sep
Unfortunately the only sports Chowder participates in are Hunting and MMA Deathmatches - not very tasteful or appropriate for a charity fundraiser, or a photography competition. So we've gone with a spectator type arrangement for our dress-ups.

Mr Chow was much more cooperative with his costume this week (although a bit nonplussed I'm making him go for the Dogs). All ready for tonight's grand final playoff against Port Catelaide - Go Doggies!!

💸Fellow Westies, fellow animal lovers, and kind souls - if you can spare a few bucks, please donate?💸

We've been blown away by the generous sponsorships we've received so far, but we still have a ways to go to reach our fundraising goal. Let's get these kids some assistance dogs! (Assistance dogs, Bulldogs, it's definitely a sign - Go Doggies!)

Week 1: Red Pawpet

Friday 3rd Sep
For his glitzy red carpet look, Fancyboi Chowder has recreated Lady Gaga's iconic Meat Dress, complete with meat overshoes. This is the best photo I could get of him, turns out he is a total diva - kept storming off and trying to eat his shoes. Duh Chowdie, they're not even really made of meat. (Thankfully the good people at Variety are using the funds raised this Petember to train assistance dogs for kids with disabilities, not assistance cats - cats are terribly uncooperative, who knew?)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Justine Ben Loulou And Henri Frost

What a great cause!



Great work, Chowdy!! You make the most purrfect supPAWt model for this worthy cause. Xx






Catherine Bannister

That Chowchow - he’s so hot right now! 😍


Megan Murphy

What a fantastic idea 😸 You're a determined woman, trying to dress up a cat - and succeeding!



Exe-CUTE-ing a purrrrrrfect ten on the catwalk. 🐈‍⬛📸


The Mayor Of Barribyrnong

On behalf of the City of Barribyrnong, the Mayor is delighted to officially sponsor the Chowder Extravaganza for Petember, and to commend Chowder and his dresser for dedication to the cause. Edible-wear is strongly recommended.


Michael Grafton


George The Cat


Harvey & Max Nicholls

Loved your outfits Chowder!


Pam Kennedy

Have Kate will travel, Chowder Champ!


Michelle Falzon

Well done babes and love your work G. Xxx


Dorothy Bruck

Great cause!


Terry & Bev Randall


Petember Matched Donation

All donations donations (until we reach our pledge limit of $10,000) are matched on 17 Sept so we can help as many kids as possible.



Awww Chowdie, putting up with all that mummy has done to you. Such a sweetie!


Chrissy Paterson

Chowderrrrrrrr!! I need a personalised rap next time we meet. All the girl kitties must ge wild!!!!


Petember Matched Donation

All donations donations (until we reach our pledge limit of $10,000) are matched on 17 Sept so we can help as many kids as possible.


Sirocco Maddison

You poor boi 💛🖤


Mark Planigale

I like your style Chowder!



Keep smiling FB Chowder


Martin Goldzieher


Kate Randall


Tasty N G

Yasss Fanci!