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I'm Getting Active for Kids in Need

I'm raising funds a to help kids in need! 

During November, we are taking the Audi 100 on a COVID safe mini bash around Gippsland with other 'bashees' led by the 'Elvis's'.   We are supporting Gippsland (you might know we have been both residents and regular tourists there at various times).  We will be visiting two schools - Eagle Point and Neerim District Secondary schools.  Here are their stories.  Check my Facebook page (and yes I will make it public) to follow us along the way.

In the small East Gippsland town of Eagle Point, the local Primary School has become their main community hub. Many Eagle Point Primary families have faced the challenges of drought, bushfires and COVID-19.

The Principal contacted Variety asking for help. She advised that her staff had asked 9 year old Liam* how the school could support his return to school. Liam* is in a wheelchair and said “he would really love to be able to go to the toilet by himself”.

Eagle Point Primary School currently has a disabled bathroom, however at present students require an adult to wait outside to assist with opening and closing the door. Installing an automatic door will allow students and those in the broader community with disabilities and mobility issues the opportunity to use the bathroom completely independently. This will also reduce reliance on staff/others and allow those who need it, to access the bathroom at any time.

Grant amount $6,600.00

Neerim District Secondary College (NDSC) is a small rural school located 20 minutes north of Warragul. The school is home to 206 students from across the region.

Many students arrive at NDSC requiring significant support; both with their learning and wellbeing. For many who are disengaged, they require additional support to ensure a successful pathway to reconnect with their education.

To further support students at NDSC with additional needs, we’re fundraising to provide a designated safe space and therapy area for students to retreat to when they are feeling unsettled or overwhelmed. The space will include sensory toys and items, comfortable seating like couches and bean bags, games, therapy tools, educational resources and artwork. The space will allow students to take some time out from the playground or classroom, help calm or regulate their emotions, provide tactile stimulation and support and encourage them in returning to learning when they feel comfortable.

Grant amount $7,700.00 

Please sponsor me and support my efforts to give back and change lives.

Every $1 raised will help Variety - the Children's Charity make sure ALL kids get a fair go in life, not matter what their ability or circumstance through the provision of tangible equipment and programs.

Make a donation AND make a difference today!

Thank you so much for your support - it is truly appreciated.

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