Variety Kids Challenge

Variety Kids Challenge 2021

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I'm taking part in the Variety Kids Challenge.

Hi my name’s Miley and I’m 6 years old. I love, love, love LEGO so much! 

So each week I'll be building a LEGO creation as part of a super exciting challenge with Maddy and Jimmy.

You can see my submissions right here on my page.

You can also choose to sponsor me and support my efforts to give back and change lives. Every $1 raised will help Variety - the Children's Charity make sure ALL kids get a fair go in life. 

Make a donation AND make a difference today! PSST! The highest fundraiser also wins a great LEGO prize!

Thank you so much for your awesome support!

My Achievements

Goal! Ten donations received for kids in need!

$500 will supply an iPad for a non-verbal child

$1,000 will supply a specialised trampoline for children with sensory needs

$3,000 buys a portable scooter for a child with limited mobility

Oh wow $10,000 for kids in need. You are champs!!

My Entries

My Superhero Lit Disco.

Friday 9th Apr
This is my Superhero Lit Disco. Her super power is disco dance fighting. She is trying to stop supervillains, Carrot Head, Zombie Face and Fly Man from destroying the city. Can she save the city and the citizens in time... YES she can! #varietykidschallenge #varietykids

My Fairy Castle of Wonder and Magic

Thursday 1st Apr
This is my fairy castle of wonder and magic. It belongs to King Minty and Queen Pocalicks. They rule the fairy Kingdom, in the land of Magic Mountain. The Fairy Kingdom is surrounded by snapping sea monsters. You can see their green spiky tails coming out of the water. Beware! Enter if you dare! #varietykidschallenge #varietykids

My Space Alien Lou

Friday 26th Mar
My space alien is called Lou and he is from the planet ‘Bing Bong Bop!’ He has a pet named L.O. They travel the galaxy together exploring wondrous lands. Lou’s special super power is “Optic Blast!” He can emit rainbow beams of energy from his mega eye. His favorite food is chocolate, so if you ever meet him just give him a chocolate bar, or two. That will keep him happy. #varietykidschallenge #varietykids

My Treehouse Skyscraper 3000

Saturday 20th Mar
My challenge was to build something taller than me! So I created my very own “Treehouse Skyscraper 3000”
It has a cafe and a swimming area with a wave pool.
#varietykidschallenge #varietykids

Thank you to my Sponsors


Grandad And Nanny Darling

Oohh la la wonderful creations Miley. You're a Star 🎖


Emi Edwards




Glenn And Lisa Tait

Well done Miley 😀 awesome work 💛


Uncle Matt And Aunty Fee

Keep up the good work Miley!! Uncle Matt and Aunty Fee are so proud of doing to help your charity. Lots of hugs and kisses 😊😊❤❤❤


Fee Withnell

Good job Miley ❤️❤️❤️