I'm Getting Dressed Up for Good!

SupPAWt me to reach my goal of $500 and provide life changing assistance dogs to kids in need! Make a donation and check out my entries and insPAWation below. You can even help me bark out loud about my good dog doing good by sharing my page !

I'm taking PAWt in Petember!

Help me be a suPAW star in the biggest doggie dress-up comPAWtition in Australia – Petember!

Petember is extra special because my PAWticipation raises funds and awareness for Variety Assistance Dogs. These PAWsome animals change the lives of kids living with Autism, Anxiety and Epilepsy.

Each week in September, I'll be showing you all my exciting dress-up themes for you to showcase my dogs PAWsonality! 

Make sure you check them out right here! And while you are checking out my PAWsome outfits, why not make a PAWstive difference to a child in need?

Petember is all about good dogs doing good.

Assistance Dogs are a lifeline for children in need. Last financial year, Variety – the Children’s Charity funded 9 Assistance Dogs to help improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Epilepsy. 

It costs can cost up to $40,000 to train and place a Variety Assistance Dog with a child in need. Your supPAWt will assist Variety to fund assistance dogs for kids currently on our waiting list and to work with service providers to train, care for and place future assistance dogs.

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Spooky Pooches!

Wednesday 22nd Sep
I am Von Scarling and I vant to suck your bloooood-y t-bone steaks - they're my favourite 🥩 Scarls can vamp it up with the best of them and hopes you guys totally dig her Drac-attack this Petember! 🧛‍♀️ @VarietyPetember @schmackos_au

Pup Stars!

Tuesday 21st Sep
Scarls loves to ruff and howl it out to some punk rock and heavy metal (much like her mama bear 😉) and has the 'tude to go with it! Still a soft squishy teddy bear underneath it all (like most metalheads 😂). She says Horns Up & Rock On to all her fellow canines and hoomans 🐶🤘👩‍🎤🎸🔊🎶💓 @VarietyPetember @schmackos_au

SPAWty Spice - still waiting for AFLD!

Tuesday 14th Sep
This gorgeous redhead is a deadset Blues fan! Scarls loves nothing better than playing a bit of footy in the yard, except for watching her favourite team, on the sofa, being hand fed decadent nibblies... tis a dog's life! :)

Red PAW-Pet Golden Oldie Glam!

Tuesday 14th Sep
Here's Scarls channelling her inner Golden Girl proving that senior stars do Hollywood Glamour best!

Happy to be suPAWting Petember!

Wednesday 1st Sep
Hey guys! 

Scarls & I couldn't be happier to suPAWT such a worthy cause and we'd like to kindly request any help and support our lovely friends are able to provide. 

Petember is all about raising funds and awareness for Variety Assistance Dogs for kids in need. These incredible pups provide kids living with a disability with independence, confidence, anxiety relief and can even SAVE LIVES being specially-trained seizure alert dogs.

Each dog costs approximately $40,000 to train and with demand for assistance dogs being at an all-time high, donations are generously needed so please consider contributing :)

Scarling & I tremendously appreciate all your support! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kira & Jackson


Richard Biffin


Thalia Pennisi