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We run programs to educate and empower kids who are falling through the cracks.

Variety Abilities Unleashed - Kids

Variety Abilities Unleashed - Kids is a national initiative by Disability Sports Australia focused on promoting active pathways for people with disabilities. These days mark the start in the active journey of children living with disabilities. Each event aims to motivate and enable participants to discover local active opportunities in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.  

This is an inclusive event that offers children with disability the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and activities in a fun and welcoming environment. 

Disability Sports Australia will be delivering this exciting event which will include a range of sports and activities! Participants will receive coaching and guidance from experienced inclusive sports coaches. 

Benefits of attending the day:  

  • physical and mental health benefits of exercise  
  • social wellbeing, friendships, and community connection  
  • strengthening balance, coordination and mobility skills  
  • teamwork, collaboration and planning  
  • increased self-esteem through a sense of achievement  
  • watch an elite showcase of a disability sport 

Variety SHINE

The Variety SHINE Program sees kids who are struggling at school given access to a team of allied health professionals onsite at their school. Allied health professionals come together from various disciplines to understand each individual child and how best to support their learning. 

The program allows professionals to work together to understand how the different areas are inter-related in the support of each child’s needs. Based off assessments of the child, the Variety SHINE team together form a plan and provide recommendations that can be actioned at home and in the classroom to improve the child’s learning outcomes in the long-term. 

Outside of the program, health professionals can work in isolation of one another. Not only does this often mean additional expense for families, but issues can arise when practitioners are unable to gain a broad understanding of the issues faced by the child. The Variety SHINE Program allows health professionals to collaborate to deliver services. Together they are able to strategize and come up with robust recommendations that allow the families and teachers of kids to cater to complex needs from across different disciplines. 

Bikes for Kids

The Variety Bikes for Kids Program has been changing kids lives for over two decades. We've delivered over 13,000 bikes to kids in need, providing joy, independence, and inclusion.

For children living with disabilities, illness or experiencing disadvantage, bikes offer more than just a ride; they deliver fun, freedom, and a sense of belonging. Today, families face increased financial strain, making our program more essential than ever.

Our mission goes beyond gifting bikes. It sets kids on a path to a healthier, more active life with benefits such as improved fitness, endurance, and mental wellbeing. Join us in making a difference—one bike, one smile at a time.

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